This Short Film Shows What a Dog Will Do to Get Adopted

This Short Film Shows What a Dog Will Do to Get Adopted

Last update: 23 May, 2018

This short animated film will make even the hard-hearted cry. It illustrates what a dog will do in order to get adopted.
The film tells the story of a dog who does everything he can to get a girl to fall in love with him and take him home.

“Take Me Home” – a short film about dog adoption

sad dog

In an attempt to reduce the number of abandoned dogs and other animals, many people have decided to create non-profit foundations to rescue them from the streets, sterilize them and rehabilitate them.

But after that comes the most complex work of all – relocating the animals to a new home. They need a place where someone will love and care for them the way they deserve. This short film was made to raise awareness.

The film’s story

For the dog, it seems like he’ll never get the chance to have a new home. However, he does not lose hope and does everything possible to be chosen. 

This friendly animal knows that it won’t be easy, and he has a lot of competition in the shelter. That’s why he uses an ingenious trick to get noticed and catch the eye of a girl who is interested in adoption.

Although there is a lot of competition to be adopted by the girl, our unexpected hero achieves his goal.

The film’s message

The film continues presents a moral lesson to put into practice when deciding to integrate a new member into the family. We should all watch it and draw our own conclusions.

When adopting a pet, the important thing is not whether it is purebred or a mutt. The most important thing when making the decision to choose one dog over another is personality. We need to know what traits our new friend will have.

Adopting an animal

We have to remember that when we buy a puppy dog, many others are put down due to lack of space. This can happen when no owner claims a dog from a kennel after a few weeks or months.
These poor animals are scared and desperate. They are neither worse nor better than the ones you can find in the shops.
They are orphans who have ended up behind bars because of inconsiderate owners who treated them like disposable objects with no feelings.

Your relationship with an adopted dog

In the first few days after the adoption, the instant relationship established between owner and pet is the most important thing. Beauty fades. Adopting an animal only because of its appearance is not only unadvisable, but superficial.

Don’t be seduced or deceived by an animal’s appearance when adopting.

An adopted dog will be extremely loyal. It will always be by your side even during the most difficult times, no matter what. The animal will consider you a part of his family. He’ll be your best friend. He will take care of your family as if they were his. Additionally, he’ll love you more than he loves himself and will never leave your side.

Food and fun

dog waiting for food

Shelters and rescue centers always strive to give their rescued dogs the best care. However, the reality is that sometimes there is little food and it’s not the healthiest or best tasting.

How will the dog you’re going to adopt react when you give him a savory treat that he has never seen or sniffed before?

Although dogs play with many other dogs in shelters, it’s more fun to go to the park or a field with their new owners. They will have the opportunity to meet new dogs, people and discover new places.

A soft bed for an adopted dog

The animal you are going to adopt is used to sleeping anywhere and on anything. It will be comforting for him to have a clean, soft bed where he can snuggle up and sleep well. All the dogs waiting to be adopted dream of a bed in which they can rest without being cold or scared.

New toys

Every dog wants to have toys, whether they are big or small, hard or soft, etc. If he’s never had a toy of his own, he’ll enjoy it like nothing else. 

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