Adopt a Dog and Say Goodbye to Loneliness

Feeling lonely? Adopting a dog could be the perfect cure for you!
Adopt a Dog and Say Goodbye to Loneliness

Last update: 26 March, 2019

We know that if we adopt a dog, there will be many different benefits. Experts recommend it for elderly people and people with depression, anxiety and for those who are lonely. It’s still true that when suffering from a loss, whether it’s a loved one that passed away or a romantic breakup, a dog won’t replace that person.

Nevertheless, animals can fill the empty space of our loneliness and at the same time offer us their love. This may be a different love than the one our significant other used to give us, but it’s sincere and will fill us with joy.

Maybe there are people out there who feel lonely even if they haven’t lost anyone. For them, adopting a pet can also be a great idea.

Thank you for erasing my solitude

There are many good reasons to adopt a dog.

Ever since I was left alone, the house became so big that the last thing I wanted was to go back there after work. However, being outside didn’t make me feel any less alone. Walking alone, shopping alone, drinking coffee alone. What’s the difference between being alone outside and being alone at home?

There wasn’t much of a difference for me, really. Except for the fact that being outside could help me to meet people. One day while having a coffee outside, someone gave me a flyer that read: “Feeling lonely? Adopt a dog and banish your loneliness.”

I was left thinking about how lonely I felt, and that flyer said that a puppy could calm my loneliness. Then I asked myself, “Why not?”

The truth is that I had never even thought about having a pet. However, it was clear that I needed to change my life. And having a puppy was that change.

That pamphlet suggested stopping by an animal shelter located near where I lived. Without thinking too much about it, I ended up there.

Forget about loneliness

I saw you right away and I knew that you were the one I would be taking home. You were just a little ball of fur, but the way you ran towards me made me fall in love instantly.

The moment you came home, you became my ideal partner, loyal friend, someone to talk to and play with. My strolls were no longer lonely, we could go together to have a coffee or go shopping.

I never knew what it was like to have a pet, but I did know what loneliness was. It’s something that now, thanks to you, I have only a vague memory of.

Opening the door every day to see you there, waiting for me, no matter if I told you off for eating my shoes. You always move on, and you always make me feel good. Thanks to you, I forgot what it’s like to sleep alone, watch TV alone or have the whole sofa to myself.

Call me silly, but sometimes, even though I’m uncomfortable on the couch because you take up all the space, I don’t want to move because I don’t want to wake you up.

I don’t mind doing that. All I know is that I would do anything to not feel that bitter loneliness I was feeling before you came into my life.

Your life will change if you adopt a dog

A bunch of doggies will make you forget about loneliness.

If you decide to adopt a dog, your life will change dramatically. Just as the letter you read above which explains the feelings you have when adopting a pet for the first time.

It’s true that this implies a certain degree of responsibility. However, we mustn’t forget that a dog’s care and well-being depends totally on us. However, the joy he’ll bring you will prove to be so much more than the sacrifices you must make for him.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and adopt a lovely pet. No matter if you feel lonely or not, your life will definitely improve. If you have a partner, it will brighten up your days.

Do you have children? This will teach them very useful lessons for life. If there are older people in the house, it will help them feel useful. And if you’re by yourself, you’ll never be alone again and you’ll forget what loneliness is.

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