The Debate Between Adopting Pets and Buying Them

The market for pets is very broad and varied, and there are all types of breeders and sellers. In order to avoid frauds and scams and to guarantee animal welfare, it's important to make the right choice. Today we'll look at the debate between adopting pets and purchasing them.
The Debate Between Adopting Pets and Buying Them

Last update: 16 January, 2020

There are many families that wish to share their lives with animals as companions. Cats and dogs are by far the most popular pets, but there’s always room for rabbits, birds, fish, snakes, tarantulas, and more. The buying and selling of pets is a very lucrative business and a lot of money changes hands around the world. But what about the debate between adopting pets and buying them?

While domestic dogs and cats are the most popular, the number of owners that end up abandoning their pets is astounding. For one reason or another, owners regret their decision and leave their pets on the streets or in shelters. This is why many awareness campaigns from protection agencies concentrate on promoting adoption.

Reasons for adopting pets: Reduce the alarming rates of pet abandonment

In the United States alone, approximately 6.5 million cats and dogs end up at animal shelters each year. Even though the numbers have decreased in recent years, the number is still startling. Approximately 3.3 million of these animals are dogs, and 3.2 million are cats.

These animals are all in need of new homes that will take them in and provide them with proper care… and they’re eternally grateful when that happens. Anyone who adopts a pet from a shelter or protection agency isn’t just welcoming in a new family member. He or she is helping to solve a big problem.

The buying and selling of pets: Is it a good deal?

A girl buying a new dog.

However, when purchasing pets, you need to be very carefulMany sellers that breed animals are only worried about making money. As a result, they don’t prioritize the health or well-being of the animals that are under their care. These sellers are often uninterested in investing in quality nutrition, and good medical care.

However, not all those who participate in this business are careless and irresponsible. There are also those who genuinely love animals, even if they do make a living from buying and selling pets. They’re determined to offer the best possible care the animals they have, without cutting corners when it comes to investing in their welfare.

Anyone can buy a pet, but not anyone can adopt

Though some exceptions exist, those who sell companion animals don’t usually take the time to investigate their clients. They don’t ask questions about the places where they’ll be living, nor are they interested in knowing if interested buyers have enough time to really care for a pet. Whether or not their clients will be able to provide the care and attention an animal needs is of no concern to them.

Protection agencies, however, refuse to offer animals up in adoption without first conducting a thorough investigation. They make sure that potential owners have no history of animal abuse, neglect, or abandonment. They may schedule home visits in order to make sure they meet minimal requirements in order to be able to adopt a pet.

Looking for a new pet? How about adopting pets that are adults?

A certain unwritten rule exists… When a family is looking to take a new pet into their home, they often think about a puppy or a kitten. In fact, the younger the better. This way, it’s easier for them to train and educate their pets according to the beliefs, habits, and other particularities of their home.

The advantages of adopting adult pets.

However, there are also many advantages to adopting pets that have already reached adulthood. First, families need to plan ahead and really define what they’re looking for. Most animals that are living in shelters have already lived with human beings and have a certain level of training. What’s more, the shelter can also vouch for the animal’s behavior and personality.

Of course, this educational factor can sometimes leave room for unpleasant or inappropriate behaviors… However, it almost always means that pets already understand certain things. For example, they usually know where and when to take care of their physiological needs.

What’s more, it’s important to remember that adult pets and dogs in shelters are the least likely to find new homes. In fact, shelters often have no choice but to put them to sleep.

Before you make the decision to purchase a pet, take the time to consider adoption. Remember how many animals have ended up being abandoned and need a loving home. Why not give these animals a second chance at happiness?

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