Adopting a Dog Can Help You Make Friends!

Everyone knows that dogs are social creatures, but have you ever that thought their sociability could help out your own social life? Learn how adopting a dog can help you make friends in this article!
Adopting a Dog Can Help You Make Friends!

Last update: 18 May, 2019

Having a dog has lots of benefits, even when it comes to your social life. Today, we’re going to tell you how adopting a dog can help you make friends.

Dogs are naturally social creatures. It seems like they can also unconsciously help you be more like that, too! It’s just one more on the endless list of benefits of having a dog as a pet. Still don’t believe us, though? Well then, keep reading!

How adopting a dog can help you make friends

If you’re one of those shy people who has trouble starting conversations, or you’re just going through a rough time and don’t know where to begin, having a dog can be a big help.

There are some basic things your dog needs, which will also give you a chance to meet people. Here are some examples:

Going for a walk

An owner walking their dog on the road.

Taking your dog out for a walk will take you places where other people go with their pets. Being the social creature that it is, your dog will start to play with others. This is a great moment to start up a conversation with some other owners.

Even if you don’t go anywhere where people are spending time with their dogs, you’ll probably still pass by people who want to stop and admire your dog or pet it. This is another great chance to have a conversation and make friends.

Going to the vet

Vets may be doing their job, but they’re also people. There’s a pretty good chance that the conversation will spark on its own, and you’ll probably have something in common. This might be a doorway into a friendship!

If you have a hard time with this kind of thing, you could talk about some silly thing your dog did and laugh about it together, for example. It almost never fails.

Going shopping

Going to the store to buy food for your dog can also help you start a conversation with the people who work there or the other shoppers, and potentially make friends with them.

For example, you could ask about a certain toy or a specific kind of shampoo, and that could end up starting a longer conversation. Maybe even to a friendship, over time.

Nowadays, there are lots of places you can go with your pet, like malls. It’s a great idea to go with your dog. For one thing, you won’t be alone. For another, you’ll be able to meet new people.

There’s a good chance tons of people will smile your way thanks to your cute dog and want to stop and say hi.

Things you can do

A small dog is chasing after a ball in a field.

There are some things you “have to do” with your dog, but there are also some other things that aren’t necessary, but are definitely a great way to make friends.

  1. Work with animal sheltersIf you like animals, want to do your part in helping the world, and want to make some friends at the same time, this is a great option. Volunteering at an animal shelter isn’t just a way to help others (in this case animals), it’ll also give your social life a boost.
  2. Sign up for a sports club. Dog sports clubs are very popular right now, and are great for your dog’s health. There, it will exercise and learn to follow commands. You’ll also get a chance to make some new friends, because of all the other owners taking their dogs there.
  3. Look for places other people go. Though walking your dog in your area is the easiest option, it’s not always the best thing if you also want to meet new people. So, get in your car if you have to and try going to that nearby dog beach, to the park that’s always full of dogs, to a big open field, or anywhere else you know other people will be.

If you follow these tips, you’ll immediately see how much less alone it makes you feel, in every sense of the word. Plus, dogs can give you tons of other things in life that you won’t find anywhere else.

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