Can Money Really Buy a Dog?

We live in a world where money controls everything, and some people like to pretend that you can buy anything, even love. That's not true with dogs, though. You have to earn their love, whether you buy yours or adopt it.
Can Money Really Buy a Dog?

Last update: 18 March, 2019

People say love is what makes the world go round. Maybe that was true a long time ago, but nowadays money is what really makes the world go round. Some people even say that money can buy you everything you want. Unfortunately, that might really be true, whether you want to buy a dog or a house or a plane…

But in reality, you can’t actually buy the truly important things with money. That hasn’t stopped people from trying to sell those kinds of things, though. For example: the love of a dog. Think about it: how often have you seen a “Dog for sale” ad? Can you really buy a dog’s love? They make it seem that way…

Don’t buy a dog, adopt one!

A young dog standing up and looking into the camera through bars.

As you know, here at My Animals we’re big adoption advocates. We don’t believe in the idea of trading living creatures for money. But greed has made it this way and many people do it anyway; it’s not something we’ll be able to stop any time soon. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to…

You don’t need money to buy a dog. There are hundreds and hundreds that have been abandoned and don’t have a home. So, why not adopt one of them? There are some benefits to it, too:

  • You’ll save money. This is the main advantage, because the only money you’ll have to spend is on vaccinations, a microchip, and food.
  • Adopted dogs have good imprinting. Abandoned dogs that live in shelters have been socialized with people and dogs, which means they have good imprinting. This is the process of socialization a dog gets in its first weeks of life. First with its family, and then with humans and other dogs. Purebred dogs don’t usually get it because people want to sell them off immediately.

Imprinting helps prevent fearful, shy, and aggressive behavior. It can also prevent many other unpleasant behavioral problems that you don’t want in a life companion.

  • Adopted dogs are more grateful. Dogs that have gone through trauma, or been abused or abandoned, will be endlessly grateful that you’ve given them a home and all your love and affection without asking for anything in return.
  • Their love is unconditional, and forever. A dog you’ve given your home and love will return that love forever, unconditionally, and freely.

You can’t buy love, you have to earn it

Two golden retrievers sit next to each other, panting.

Obviously a purebred dog will also give you love and affection. Just remember, whether you bought your dog or adopted it, love isn’t something you can buy anyway, you have to earn it. That’s right: a dog will love you if you love it, care for you if you care for it, and protect you if you protect it.

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your dog, it’ll give you all of its love if it feels like you’re giving it right back.

So, does buying a dog really mean you’re buying its love? It’s true in a way, because it’s in dogs’ nature to be affectionate and loving. But if you don’t reciprocate that feeling through your actions, then it won’t matter how much money you paid for your dog, it’s not going to give you its love because you haven’t earned it.

Whether you’ve decided to adopt or buy a dog, you have to be responsible and never forget to give it your love, energy, time, affection, perseverance, and patience. If you want to be a dog owner, you’ve got to be there for the good times and the bad, just like the dog would be for you. Don’t rely on money, earn your dog’s love!

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