Male or Female Dogs: How to Choose

Male or Female Dogs: How to Choose

Last update: 10 December, 2018

There are people who like male dogs more, there are also those who prefer female dogs. However, sometimes there are people who lack knowledge about what it means to have one or the other. For those who don’t know the differences or don’t care whether their future puppy is male or female, here are some guidelines of what each one implies, which can be useful to help you know which best suits you.

There are differences between males and females that are helpful when it comes to deciding which gender you want to to have in your home and be part of your life.

Differences between males and females


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As a general rule, and in almost all breeds, males are larger than females. The size difference influences your decision when it comes to the amount of space you have in your home, the animal’s aesthetics, and the weight you’re willing to have on your lap.


Males tend to raise their hind legs everywhere they urinate and mark their territory. They also get very desperate in the heat, which can cause them to escape or become aggressive toward other dogs. Despite the myth that these parts of their attitudes decrease by sterilization, it’s not entirely true, because sterilization changes the dog’s sexual organs, not their mind.

On the other hand, females will have their periods, which can leave unwanted stains around the house for fourteen days. Likewise, when a female is in heat, she can become aggressive or the opposite — an excessively calm behavior. Female dogs in heat will also be nervous due to being aroused with their sexual desires, which why you should keep on eye on them during that time.


Many people say that males are more affectionate than females, or vice versa. There’s actually no proof of this, which is why it’s difficult to affirm it. Some dogs are more affectionate than others. This depends on the dog and gender has nothing to do with it, although their breed does.

What else will help me decide between male or female?

An important factor to consider will be whether you already have other dogs at home. If you do, and they are female, and you don’t want to have puppies around the house, then it would best not to adopt a male dog. However, maybe you have a female dog and you’d like to have some canine grandchildren, then it would be a good idea to pick a male dog.

In general, you should take into consideration that male dogs don’t usually get along very well with each other. Therefore,  if you have a male dog and don’t want grandchildren, you must choose a female dog and spay her.

If you live in an area where there are many stray dogs, a female might not be the best choice. That’s because when you take her outside, she might escape, or the other dogs might come after her.

Make a decision using your heart and mind

male or female

Whatever you choose, you should keep in mind that your pet will depend on you, and you’ll need to give it all your love to take care of all of their needs, whether it’s male or female. Be wise when choosing between a male or female and give him or her all the love and affection he/she deserves, in addition to proper care.

Also, keep in mind before you buy a pet that they  will be a part of your life for an average of 12 years, regardless of the changes in circumstances you may have during that time.

A responsible adoption will always end well. Open your mind, fill your heart with love, and pamper your pet.

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