Boy Rescues a Skunk and Wasn't Scared of Being Sprayed

This boy came to the aid of a skunk that crossed the road with a plastic cup lodged on his head. He wasn't afraid of being sprayed, and his only instinct was to help the animal.
Boy Rescues a Skunk and Wasn't Scared of Being Sprayed

Last update: 07 March, 2023

Today we’ll tell you about a boy who came to the aid of a skunk in danger, without worrying that it would be very likely to spray him. Skunks shoot a horrible-smelling liquid when they feel threatened, which helps to scare away their predators.

This smell is extremely hard to remove, and so it’s surprising that the boy went to the rescue without thinking about the consequences. Keep reading to find out what happened.

The boy who rescued a skunk with its head trapped in a plastic cup

The indiscriminate use of plastics has generated serious effects on the environment, including different species of fauna. On this occasion, we’re talking about a skunk that had got its head trapped in a plastic cup, but which was lucky enough to be rescued by this caring child, who wouldn’t say no to helping.

It all started when Becky Ball and her 16-year-old son, Carlton Dailey, were out traveling in their car. Suddenly, they had to stop because a skunk appeared in the middle of the road. As they looked closer they could see it had a plastic cup on its head and couldn’t get it off.

They could have moved on, but Carlton, without a second thought, asked his mother to stay there so that he could help the animal. His mother complained that he was “mad and out of his mind,” but he insisted he wanted to help.

“If it sprays you, you’re walking home,” she said. Nevertheless, the boy got out and helped the skunk without a care in the world. He approached it slowly so as not to frighten the animal and extracted the cup from its head, putting an end to its suffering.

A boy saves a skunk.
The boy helped the skunk and it thanked him by not spraying him.

To his surprise, the skunk didn’t spray him, as a sign of gratitude

The bad reputation that skunks have comes from their ability to defend themselves by spraying the fetid liquid they have in their anal glands, which is composed of sulfuric thiols. However, the protagonist of this story didn’t act as it normally would.

It’s as if the skunk knew that the boy was only trying to save it, and that he didn’t want to hurt it. After he was saved, he ran without further ado into the woods beside the road. “Look, Mom, he knew I was helping. It didn’t spray me,” the teenager gushed excitedly to his mother. “You were lucky,” she replied.

Despite being perturbed by it all, the woman recorded the skunk’s problem, and, as you’ll see from the short video, there was no chance the skunk could have got it off by itself.

Carlton’s teacher was able to testify to Carlton’s helpful nature. “Carlton is a very helpful person. He cares about the welfare of his classmates in class, so it’s not surprising that his caring nature rubs off on animals as well.”

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