Meet the Woman Who Cares for 30 Abandoned Senior Dogs

Meet the woman who cares for 30 abandoned, senior dogs
Meet the Woman Who Cares for 30 Abandoned Senior Dogs

Last update: 03 June, 2018

There is nothing sadder than seeing sick senior dogs that are left to fend for themselves. However, stories like the one in this article can make your heart rejoice. Here is the story of a woman who cares for 30 abandoned senior dogs.

Thirty dogs don’t seem to be that much. So, can you imagine having so many dogs at your house? Hardly, because few of us would have the infrastructure and time necessary to care for so many dogs. However, Sher Polvinale managed to do such an act of kindness. Do you want to know her story?

The woman who cares for 30 senior dogs

This woman, like many of us who love animals, felt bad every time she saw an abandoned animal, especially if it was a senior.

Woman takes care of 30 senior dogs


It broke Sher’s heart to think there were thousands of abandoned old animals that they were facing the end of their lives alone. She believes we all deserve special care to have a decent life at an old age, regardless of whether we are human or animal. 

Sher Polvinale then decided to found the “House with a Heart” senior pet sanctuary, which is meant to change dogs’ lives or provide a nice place for dogs to rest at their old age.

The majority of these animals are dogs and cats that were abandoned or mistreated, or were left alone after their owners passed away. The house also accepts animals from people who cannot care for their elderly pets because pets usually require special care that Sher knows how to give.

It’s very uncommon to find a person who would want to adopt a senior dog. However, Sher doesn’t care, she is happy knowing that these animals have everything they need due to her and her team of volunteers.

How does she care for 30 dogs?

Some of the dogs are in better shape than others. Some can still run, while others can barely walk or eat. To keep track of so many animals, it is necessary to be well-organized, especially because every animal has their own specific needs.

To do this, the sanctuary keep record of every animal and uses a calendar to remind workers which animals need medication, the type of food they eat and any necessary medical appointments.

All the animals feel at home. They love Sher including the other volunteers who work at the sanctuary. The animals feel they have a family that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

How the center is funded

It’s pretty obvious that taking care of so many animals many is quite expensive. Sher’s organization is non-profit and she has never asked for any money. Sometimes, however, dogs need operations and medical treatment, which can cost up to $8,000. This money has come out of Sher’s or the volunteers’ pockets.

Pictures of elderly dogs framed on the wall

For this reason, the sanctuary’s neighbors began to help with voluntary donations. These donations exclusively go towards continuing healthcare for these animals. The sanctuary saves any surplus over the month’s budget for future operations or treatment.

If you want, you can also give a helping hand by making a donation on the Sanctuary’s website, which Sher created. Undoubtedly, donating is a generous act that improves the lives of many animals. Can you think of a better place to make a donation than this?

It would be absolutely wonderful if these shelters did not have to exist, because it would be great if everyone would take care of their senior pets. Thank goodness there are people with such a generous spirit. Bravo Sher!

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