Meet Wings of Rescue, Saving Thousands of Dogs a Year

The fight against animal abandonment is never ending. In this article, we'll tell you about Wings of Rescue, a service playing an active role in that fight.
Meet Wings of Rescue, Saving Thousands of Dogs a Year

Last update: 15 February, 2019

There’s no end to the fight against animal abandonment. Despite so many people’s efforts to end this evil, there are more and more abandoned dogs. In addition to this, the shelters are all filled, and many have more dogs than they can handle. So, what happens to the animals that they can’t take care of? This is something that Wings of Rescue is working to put an end to.

It’s a painful reality that every year, hundreds of innocent and defenseless animals are killed. That’s why Wings of Rescue has formed a squadron to help them. Would you like to know more?

Wings of Rescue to the rescue

Wings of Rescue saving a dog.

After seeing the excessive number of abandoned animals, and the sad fate ahead of them, Yehuda Natanel came up with a unique non-profit idea. This service gives new lives to animals that can no longer be held in adoption centers.

However, it wasn’t very easy to start it up as he had to struggle to do everything on his own. He used his private jet to rescue dogs that the shelters were going to put down. Then, he would bring them to other adoption centers that had space.

Alone, Yehuda was able to save the lives of 300 dogs, but it wasn’t enough for him. That’s why he thought there might be other animal-loving pilots who could help him.

After an exhaustive search that required a lot of effort on his part, he managed to put together a group of volunteer pilots willing to help out. And, in 2009, they created Wings of Rescue.

Now, there are more than 30 pilots who work for this cause. Obviously, this has led to an increase in the number of dogs they’ve helped. Thanks to Wings of Rescue, they’ve raised the number from Yehuda’s 300 to over 12,000 dogs.

How does Wings of Rescue work?

Like all non-profit organizations, Wings of Rescue depends on donations from people who love animals.

Each flight that transports these animals costs about $80. They are able to pay for these thanks to charitable donations. Not long ago, these donations made it possible for Wings of Rescue to transport 250 dogs from a center in San Bernardino, California to other centers throughout the country. 

The trips that this organization makes are between 1000 and 3000 kilometers. These distances would be almost impossible for the animals to endure if they were by car. This year, Wings of Rescue aims to save 7,000 more dogs.

This is an initiative that all animal lovers would applaud. We hope it serves as an example so that more people with good hearts will volunteer their time and energy to help those animals that cannot defend themselves.

If you want to help out this cause, you can go to their website or their Facebook page to make a donation. No matter how small it is, it will be welcome. 

Other initiatives that help animals

A person shaking a dog's hand.

Although they’re involved in different things, there are other people who are volunteering their time, energy, and money to help the most disadvantaged of animals.

  • Ken, the Filipino child. Ken and his father began by taking care of abandoned animals. Eventually, they created a shelter where they could take care of them and give them a home.
  • Sher Polvine. This woman dedicates her time, energy and money to create a shelter for older animals. There, she provides them with the care they need.
  • Sandy. Every week she goes to the animal shelter to spend time with the dogs for at least an hour.

However, these are just some of the many examples of amazing people willing to help the most disadvantaged animals. If you want to help out as well, there are many things you can do, from making a donation, to volunteering your time and energy. Would you like to give it a try?

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