How a Dog Saved His Obese Owner's Life

This is an inspirational and informative story about recovery, redemption, hope and achieving one's dreams. How a dog saved his obese owner's life and the mutual, unconditional love between them.  
How a Dog Saved His Obese Owner's Life

Last update: 22 June, 2019

This is the story of how a dog saved an obese person’s life. It all started seven years ago when Eric O’Grey received an ultimatum from his doctor: if he didn’t modify some of his basic, unhealthy habits, then he might as well start shopping for a coffin for himself.

The man, who was middle-aged at the time, weighed 340 pounds and was ailed by all sorts of conditions that were the result of his excess weight. Fortunately for him, his life took a turn for the best once he made the decision to adopt a dog called Peety. This is the beginning of the story of how a dog saved his life.

This real-life story first appeared in a short film made by the Mutual Rescue organization. They wanted to demonstrate how people’s lives can be transformed when adopting an animal. The video that tells the story of how a dog and a man helped each other is listed under the name Eric and Peety (you can find a link towards the end of this article).

A story of mutual rescue

As we stated above, O’Grey was warned in 2010 that unless he took it upon himself to lose weight he may not live more than 5 years. The man already had symptoms of:

  • Type II diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure

In addition, he spent a fortune on medications and supplements that did little to improve his delicate health condition.

So, here’s the story of how a dog saved his obese owner’s life. What we haven’t mentioned is that it’s also a story of how this obese person, in turn, saved his dog’s life. Here’s the story of mutual rescue.

Eric meets Peety, the dog who saved his life

A dog and their owner running along.

The final straw was when O’Grey, who was a sales rep for ​​a company in San Francisco at the time, was mortified after hearing a man complain that they all may miss their flight because of Eric. The source of the concern was that he was so obese that the stewardess couldn’t find a seat belt in his size.

So, this was the incident that spurred him into action in order to change his situation. He found a nutritionist and they didn’t just give him instructions for a healthy diet but also recommended that he adopt a dog. The logic behind it was for the pet to encourage him, among other things, to go out for a walk every day.

This is when Eric approached the Humane Society Silicon Valley and asked for “a middle-aged obese dog.” He wanted a pet that had something in common with him and so Peety came into the picture.

Peety, a dog with many problems

As you can imagine, the animal also had its share of health problems. He was:

  • 26 lbs overweight
  • Had arthritis
  • Had skin allergies

Additionally, he was also deeply sad and depressed. It was the result of the indifference and neglect of his last owner who completely abandoned him.

The first few hours together were awkward for Peety and Eric, as neither one knew what to do. However, they soon became inseparable friends and their lives changed for the better.

How a dog saved his person’s life (and vice versa)

Shortly after meeting, the man and his dog began to enjoy daily half an hour walks and adopted a healthy diet. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, one year later Peety had lost 24 pounds and Eric, 142. In addition, O’Grey no longer had symptoms of diabetes and so he didn’t need medication for it.

Perhaps, the most important thing in this story is how both human and dog became more open and self-confident. Not only that, they were both happier. The dog recovered his spirit and the man learned what loyalty is about.

He learned how someone can truly love you just the way you are regardless of your appearance or your less desirable traits. Eric says he found the motivation to be a better person through his friendship with Peety.

Here’s the video which will tell you more details about this story of friendship and redemption – two distressed beings who saved each other.

Jake, Eric’s new friend

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. After a few years of happily living together, old age and illness finally caught up with Peety and his life came to an end. So, Eric, whose goal was to train together for a marathon, was devastated. Still, his experiences with his loving dog were not in vain.

This is when he made the decision, for the second time, to visit an animal shelter in Seattle, where he currently resides, and adopt Jake. The dog was a newcomer to the shelter.

So, together with his new friend, O’Grey started running daily to stay fit and now participates in several marathons. Not only that, but he also had a reunion with his high school sweetheart and subsequently married her.

Undoubtedly, Eric’s life took quite a turn and Peety had a lot to do with it. The dog definitely saved his life and he’ll never forget him. He’ll be grateful until the day he dies.

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