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Pascal the Puppy, Saved after Being Covered in Glue and Left to Die

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Pascal the Puppy, Saved after Being Covered in Glue and Left to Die
Last update: 29 July, 2018

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to come across very sad stories of animal abuse. Thankfully, though, some of them have happy endings, like the one we’re sharing today. Read on for the amazing story of Pascal the puppy, who was covered in glue and mud and left to die.

Pascal the Puppy

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This beautiful puppy, with a face you can’t help but fall in love with, went through a real-life nightmare. Pascal was on the verge of death due to the “armor” that had formed on his body. A group of children had thought it would be funny to cover him with glue and then roll him around in the grass and mud.

The good news is that a nonprofit called He’Art of Rescue (in Turkey) welcomed Pascal with open arms, saving his life. They posted about the puppy’s progress on social media during his treatment

The abuse Pascal went through is hard to imagine. How can humans be so cruel to animals? 

Pascal the puppy’s injuries and recovery

Pascal also suffered severe skin damage from chemical burns and his skin inevitably absorbed the chemicals, which got into his bloodstream. Once the glue dried, it got as hard as cement. As a result, blood was unable to circulate throughout his body properly.

When he got to the shelter, the poor puppy was so frightened that he hid from everyone. The organization, dedicated to helping stray dogs in critical conditions, showed on its YouTube channel how they went about removing the “second skin” causing necrosis in Pascal’s ears. While the images are graphic, because the process was very painful, Pascal did improve.

But then after a check-up, the vets diagnosed him with canine parvovirus. As a result, he had to undergo treatment for this serious intestinal virus as well. Parvovirus has a reputation for killing puppies, since their immune systems have not finished developing and they cannot fight it off.

Pascal the puppy is a fighter. After 8 days, he was already eating on his own, a very good sign. After having his hair shaved, he showed slight improvement.

A few weeks later, the organization was able to announce Pascal’s almost miraculous recovery. Now he looks like a healthy little ball of fur, eager to play and have fun with the other shelter dogs.

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Three Puppies Covered in Tar

This awful story took place in Cartagena, Spain. The images of the three puppies drenched in tar touched the entire country. One photo shows one of the puppies looking up at the camera, and you can’t even make out the little one’s eyes or nose due to the massive amounts of tar on his body.

The story is shocking: someone decided to throw them into a pool of asphalt in the middle of a field. But neighbors intervened, and thanks to a dog shelter called “El Portalico de Cartagena”, two of the puppies survived (sadly, the third one died.)

According to the “Podemos” Councilor in the city of Murcia, Teresa Sánchez, she herself cleaned up the puppies right after the rescue. To remove the tar, they spent all night rubbing their little bodies with oil, dish soap and warm water.

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After several hours, they managed to remove as much of the substance as possible. Their eyes and skin were very irritated. In addition, they had to test the puppies to see if the tar had damaged their kidneys or livers. The good news is that the puppies are recovering.

Despite experiencing such evil, both puppies have quite a will to live. Their new names are Chapa y Pote, beautiful dogs now waiting for a family to adopt them and give them a home full of love.


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