Playdate: The Popular New Dog Toy

Playdate: The Popular New Dog Toy

Last update: 30 April, 2018

Finding a great dog toy can be tiresome. Pets don’t like some toys, and get quickly bored of others. They love to chew up some of them. When toy shopping, you should pick out something educational and fun. A toy like that can be hard to find. Therefore, Playdate was invented. 

Many toys and inventions try to make pets’ lives funner. One example is the dog food dispenser. There are even some similar to a video game console that entertain pets while being alone or monitors their health at every moment.

Well, Playdate has taken it to another level. It allows you to interact with your dog while being away from home. Let’s see how it works.

Playdate: more than just a toy

Playdate is much more than just a toy. It can reduce your pet’s loneliness and reinforce you and your dog’s relationship. How? It’s easy, through a webcam and a mobile app, which you can download free from the App Store or Google Play. The app is available for both operating systems.

By using the webcam you’ll be able to monitor your dog in high definition at any time of the day. You can also remotely move the ball to make it seem like you are playing fetch with him.

It’s just like being a video-game character because uou can navigate just by using your smartphone’s keyboard as a controller.

Furthermore, Playdate has a microphone that doesn’t only have you listen to your pet, but he can also listen to you. You can talk to him or give orders like “drop the ball”.

Apart from the microphone, use the navigation controls to make noise in order to get your dog to follow the ball. Also, just by the press of a button, you can take pictures and record videos that you can upload on social media. They’ll probably be some of the best pet pictures you’ve ever seen.

Its exterior is resistant to bites, falls, scratches and everything your dog could do to it. Although, it rolls like any other ball, so the camera is positioned to allow you record while rolling.

Playdate can relieve separation anxiety

Playdate can relieve separation anxiety

As mentioned above, Playdate is more than a just a toy, it has a lot of modern functions. Since working long hours away from home is a must, you can’t avoid leaving your per unattended. This is a really stressful on your pet because it makes him feel sad and abandoned.

Use this toy to interact with your pet and get rid of his loneliness and separation anxiety. You’ll always feel close to him and won’t have to worry about being away from home because you can monitor him from a long distance.

Playdate has its endless advantages and is it obviously much more than just a toy. It’s release will be next December and it will cost 129 euros (114 dollars). This is a well-received invention, because a crowdfunding campaign – – which needed funding – – collected 19% more than the amount of money needed to market it. Everyone is truly looking forward to use it.

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