The Dog Who Didn't Stop Barking Until a Motorcyclist Followed Him to a Baby

A miracle! That's what this little dog did when he wouldn't stop barking until a motorcyclist paid attention to him.
The Dog Who Didn't Stop Barking Until a Motorcyclist Followed Him to a Baby

Last update: 14 March, 2023

Unbelievable! Find out about the dog that didn’t stop barking until a motorcyclist followed him. And what did he lead him to? A human baby! The man was surprised by the dog’s incessant barking and followed him just out of curiosity, but he could never have imagined what he was going to find.

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The little dog didn’t stop barking, attracting the attention of the motorcyclist

The dog didn't stop barking and led the person to a baby.
The motorcyclist followed the little dog that didn’t stop barking.

A motorcyclist by the name of Junrell Fuentes Revilla was driving his motorcycle through the mountains of Cebu City, in the Philippines. Everything was going normally until he came across a little dog that didn’t stop barking and wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Out of pure and simple curiosity, the man followed the dog because its behavior had caught his attention. Understanding that the dog wanted to tell him something, he let the dog take him to something that would leave him speechless. They arrived together at a garbage dump and he noticed a small bundle on the ground that was moving.

With his heart in his mouth, he approached to get a better look and found a newborn baby! Gea Ybarita, a member of the rescue group Hope For Strays, told The Dodo that “To Junrell’s surprise, he found a baby wrapped in a brown towel. The place where he found it is isolated, as it’s on top of the mountain.”

The man picked up the baby and handed her over to the authorities

The dog didn’t stop barking until the motorcyclist followed him and found the baby. In turn, the man didn’t hesitate to take the baby in his arms and carry her to the nearest police station. At this point, the social welfare department intervened to restore the little girl’s rights.

Thanks to the fact that the dog didn’t stop barking until he found someone who would listen to him, and the fact that this motorcyclist decided to stop, the little girl has a chance at life. These two beings came together to save a life and that is priceless.

After this heroic act, many local media shared the story and it went viral. Many people decided to look for the little dog to help him, including the volunteers of Hope for Strays. They went to the mountains where the motorcyclist found the dog to help him.

The dog that didn’t stop barking does have an owner

El perrito sí tiene una familia, contrario a lo que se pensó, y con su acto de heroísmo le cambió la vida.
The dog does have a family, contrary to what was thought, and with his act of heroism he changed his life.

When rescuers went to look for the dog that didn’t stop barking until someone helped him save a baby, they realized that he did have an owner. A man told us that the dog’s name was Blackie and that he was his family, along with other dogs there.

This gave total peace of mind to the volunteers who now knew the dog had a loving home. The owner said that, even though their situation is difficult, the first thing for him is that his dogs are always fed.

On hearing the story of the dog and his owner, many people have shown their solidarity and left him incredible gifts. From money, to feed, wet food, and even furniture for everyone. Thus, Blackie wasn’t only a hero for saving the little girl, but also for helping her family to have a better life.

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