Homemade Food for Parrots

Homemade Food for Parrots
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

Parrots are friendly birds that are often kept as pets and are great company for many people. Having the right diet is important for every bird. So, it’s no surprise when people ask if  homemade food is good for parrots?
A parrot requires a lot of care and affection. You must provide your parrot meals according to its needs, such as fresh water, constant cleaning and a proper amount of space. Keep in mind that not all parrots are the same. Some are quieter than others, some can be more or less noisy and affectionate. However, food is the same for all of them.

Can you make homemade food for your parrot?

Of course you can! It’s important to know that a balanced diet is essential to a parrot’s life. Having a balanced diet will improve their plumage and character, since this animal can become depressed if it doesn’t receive proper care. Packaged foods in stores are very convenient, but they don’t guarantee that the bird’s diet is varied and nutritious.

A parrot eating a cherry

A good diet will not only help a parrot live longer, but also improve its quality of life. It will help it become more resistant to diseases and physiologically healthy.


When it comes to homemade food for your talkative friend, you should consider feeding him fruits and vegetables. Fruits have sucrose and glucose, so it’s a must to give him balanced portions. A fruit containing a lot of sucrose, such as the plantain, can be part of a parrot’s diet, but not in unlimited amounts. Two or three times a week will been enough to feed your parrot.
It’s important to feed your parrot a variety of foods, because it prevents him from becoming bored and stressed out.  Plus, the more varied the diet, the less negative impact it will have on the owner’s pocket. Apples, melons, and pears are excellent for a parrot fpr one day. You can mix these fruits with oranges, tangerines and strawberries.


Homemade food for parrots also includes vegetables. Among the most notable are lettuce and spinach, although you shouldn’t feed them to  him too frequently. Broccoli and chard are also highly-recommended foods for a parrot.
There are also some stems, roots and fruits that make excellent homemade food for your parrot. When it comes to roots, you can feed him carrots and radishes. Likewise, celery, artichoke flowers and cauliflower are good, along with peppers – both red and green – and tomatoes.

Other common homemade foods for parrots commonly

The above-mentioned foods are easily accessible and are often used in every household, but there are also some other very popular products. For example:
A parrot getting fed by a human
  • Pasta, in all of its variations, is something you should include in a parrot’s diet. You can also give him legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and peas.
  • Boiled potatoes and pumpkin are also tasty for your parrot and won’t harm his health.
  • All types of dried seeds are recommended. Cereals can also be part of his menu, but always remember to vary them.
  • You can also add whole grain bread to his diet, as long as you do it moderately.
  • Although the following information may surprise you, but it’s true: your beautiful parrot is also carnivores. You can give parrots chicken strips and white fish.
  • Yogurt without added sugar and handmade cookies that don’t contain animal fat are foods that won’t have negative effects on parrots.
  • Finally, remember that parrots don’t eat foods with high concentrations of sugar. Therefore, you must not give your parrot chocolate and cupcakes.
  • Don’t give them foods with a lot of salt. Avocado, milk and parsley harm parrots and should be cut out of their diet.

By paying close attention to these guidelines, you can give your pet a healthy diet. 

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