You Can Now Get Ice Cream for Dogs!

July 22, 2019
We all know how much dogs love ice cream but, is it a good idea to give them some? Will it lead to indigestion or something worse? Well, we don't need to worry any more - ice creams for dogs have arrived!

How many of us have felt guilty when our dog stares at us while we eat something we can’t share with them because it’s bad for their health? If only there were ice cream for dogs then we wouldn’t mind giving them a little bit of it.

Most of us know that dogs can’t easily digest dairy products, processed sugar, and other ingredients, and so we avoid giving them food with these components.

Well, of course, most of those ingredients are bad for us too, but we don’t usually take much notice. In any case, the good news is that there’s now a type of ice cream formulated specifically for dogs and you don’t have to feel guilty for not sharing yours ever again.

The name of the business is Don Paletto, a dog ice cream producer located in Mexico. Definitely, a brilliant idea, like most Mexican food is.

How the idea of ​​ice cream for dogs arose

Don Paletto is already a place where dogs like to take their owners out on a “date”. Animals know exactly how to get there when they’re thirsty or too hot from walking and playing around. Mauricio Montoya, the owner of the business, explains how he came up with this idea:

“There’s ice cream for dogs in many parts of the world; however, they put meat in them and they’re no longer a dessert. I took it upon myself to create a sweet ice cream treat that was suitable for dogs to eat.”

In other words, Mauricio thought that our furry pals should have their own sweet, tasty, refreshing ice cream they could eat at any time. Ice cream made with meat is not an acceptable solution, according to his view of the world.

What’s in ice cream for dogs?

A pair of puppies eating an ice cream.

The ingredients used in these ice creams are all natural, and very suitable for your pet. Some have carrots, peanut butter and even organic yogurts in carefully-measured servings. Yogurt doesn’t contain lactose and it helps a dog’s digestion, rather than making them gassy and bloated.

In order to design his dog-specific combinations, Mauricio did some research on what they can and can’t eat. He talked to veterinarians but the feedback from his own dog, Jagger, was particularly helpful. So, by observing and analyzing the reaction of the dogs that ate his treats, he can be sure they’re not at all harmful to canines.

In addition to ice cream for dogs, he also has some for humans. This way, the owners can sit down, relax, and enjoy their ice cream with their pets. The flavors for dogs include apple-blueberry, carrot-strawberry, and peanut-banana.

None of Mauricio’s ice creams have added sugar. In fact, they don’t have any ingredient that may be harmful to your pet’s health. Mauricio was so sure of this that he had no qualms about asking his own dog to help him test his experiments. His dog loved them! What’s more, he ate one after another without stopping and had no negative side-effects.

What do dogs think about this kind of ice cream?

A dog eating an ice cream.

As with any product or business, the client has the last word and they’re always right! Dogs are the customers here, and here’s what they “think”!

  • Tank, a huge bulldog, usually eats his ice cream in two bites. However, he never thinks about how quickly the ice cream will be gone. So, he waits until his brother Lucky isn’t paying attention and steals his! Their owner is constantly telling Tank off, but hey, they’ll just have to buy more ice cream for Lucky!
  • Then there’s Super, a striking German Shepherd who doesn’t have a lot of patience. He just can’t wait for Mauricio to give him his ice cream and so he quickly sprints towards any leftovers he can find until his own, long-awaited ice cream arrives. Peanut-banana is his favorite, but he’ll eat any other one if he must.

Watching dogs standing on their two hind legs, so eager to eat their ice cream or get a second one is a sight that attracts a lot of people.

It’s all because there’s something truly special about this ice cream shop. The store is certainly a breath of fresh air for many animals and dog owners alike.


We hope this shop continues to operate successfully for a long time. Moreover, we hope that it’ll soon extend to the rest of the world so every single one of them can enjoy a healthy and delicious sweet ice cream treat.

Above all, remember that regular ice cream isn’t healthy for dogs. So, don’t share it with yours unless it’s at Don Paletto’s, who created them specifically for them.