What Are the Best Bones for Dogs?

Giving bones to pets is very good for both cleaning their teeth and bringing out their hunting instincts. Besides the artificial bones for oral hygiene, there's nothing dogs love more than a real bone with meat on it. 
What Are the Best Bones for Dogs?

Last update: 07 September, 2018

People often associated dogs with bones.  Some people have even made jokes about the relationship dogs have with them and how much they want them. However, what bones are actually good for dogs? Continue reading this article if you want to find out!

Stores sell artificial bones for dogs to use as toys, and at the same time, dogs believe they are real bones and love to chew on them. These bones tend to taste like real ones and not plastic, and some even have components that helps maintain your pet’s oral hygiene.

These bones are very beneficial for dogs in several ways, but it’s obvious that they aren’t meant for eating. No matter how appetizing they may seem, dogs still prefer real bones.

The best bones for dogs

You may have heard that not all doggy bones are good, but you may be unaware of the ones you can give to your dog, and which ones you shouldn’t. Well, in today’s article we’re going to resolve your doubts about this subject, and you’ll learn what types of bones are good for your pet.

Before doing so, your dog will be better off if you decide to give your dog raw bones, and they must be big enough to prevent swallowing. Remember, you should never give dogs splintered bones because they can cause serious problems.

Beef bones

These are one of a dog’s favorite bones because they have lots of gelatinous cartilage and taste good. They also have a good amount of meat, so the dog can stay entertained as he chews on the bone while enjoying the flavors.

best bones for dogs

Beef femur bones

This bone, in addition to having several benefits for cleaning your dog’s teeth, it has a lot of marrow that will keep your pet entertained for a while.

Plus, the marrow prevents the dog from breaking the bone easily and swallowing a piece by accident. However, keep in mind that marrow is hard to digest and can give your pet diarrhea.

Lamb bones

Dogs love this type of bone, because the intense lamb flavor permeates the bone. Remember that lambs can have sharp, narrow bones that can harm your pet.

Always choose the biggest bones and remember they should always be raw. Cooked lamb bones, in particular, splinter easily and this creates problems. 

Chicken bones

Most likely you’ve heard that chicken bones are off limits to dogs. This isn’t true at all. What is off limits is eating a roast chicken at home and giving the bones to your pet. Cooked chicken bones are easily broken and can puncture your dog’s throat or stomach.

Chicken bones

Neck bones

You would probably throw chicken, duck, or any other bird necks away once you’ve consumed them at home. Don’t do this, because your dog will love you even more if you give them to him. 

Necks have a lot of meat and cartilage, and your pet will be entertained for a while he chews away. It’s one of his favorite bones, so why not give him a treat?

There are many dog bones that you can give your pet, so don’t hesitate to do it often, as long as you keep these tips for using raw bones in mind.

We also advise you not to take your eyes off your dog while he has a bone, in case something happens. 


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