Why Your Dog Runs Away When You Give Them a Treat

October 7, 2019
When we give them something special like a treat, a bone, or a piece of meat, dogs sometimes seem to act selfishly, running away to a secluded place. 

Making your dog happy seems very simple. They’re happy with anything we give them, no matter how small. They don’t demand anything more than what we’re willing and able to give them. However, when you give them something special like a treat, a bone, or a piece of meat, sometimes your dog runs away to a secluded place.

Why do they do this? Do they do it out of selfishness? It’s hard to believe that our dogs have even the slightest bit of selfishness running through their veins. So how come your dog runs away when you give them a treat?

Don’t worry– the answer is more reassuring than you might think. As always, in order to understand who we are, we must understand where we come from.

Why a dog runs away when you give him a treat

A dog runs away with his treat.

We must take a look at history to understand that dogs descend from wolves. They are endowed with an incredible survival instinct. Dogs, even though they may be domesticated, still have some of that instinct. So, when they get something, they’ll want to keep it for themselves at all costs.

When they get something different, like a treat, a bone, or a piece of meat, your pet feels like they have a great treasure. Therefore, they won’t hesitate for a second– as soon as they get it, they’ll run away to make sure no one can take it away from them. Does this mean that they don’t trust their family?

Not at all! They do this because they can’t fight their natural instinct. It’s an unconscious act; they simply do it without thinking. In fact, you should be able to approach them and touch them without any problems. However, if you touch them and they growl or try to bite you, then it means they have a behavioral problem that you should tackle as soon as possible.

For us, the fact that a dog sees such an insignificant thing as a treasure may seem silly. But for the dog, it’s a really special moment. So, let them enjoy it!

So, it’s obvious that the fact that your dog runs away in order to enjoy their prize in solitude isn’t a selfish act, but an instinctive one. Remember that dogs believe that only the strongest will survive, and that running away to protect their “prey” makes them feel strong and safe.

Is it OK to give your dog treats?

A dog receives a treat.

Of course! You can give them store-bought treats that are specially designed for dogs. Some even help with dental care. However, remember not to overuse them. Treats shouldn’t be part of a dog’s diet, but rather a complement to it, or an incentive for good behavior.

You can give your dog one or two treats, taking into account that they are just extras. Always give your dog treats that are appropriate for their size. You can also offer them pieces of ham or meat, but be aware that these are just treats as well.

Therefore, by no means should treats ever account for more than 10% of a dog’s diet. 

We all deserve treats, and so does your dog. However, if you give them too many, you can cause your pet harm. They could have stomach problems, diarrhea, vomiting, or indigestion.

So, be careful with your dog’s diet, and if you want to give them treats, go right ahead. However, you should remember to do so in moderation. If you know how and when to give your dog a treat, they’ll thank you, and your bond will be strengthened enormously.

Remember that your pet depends on you for everything. Nourishment is key to good development. Always remember to give them quality products, whether they are food or treats, so that you’ll never have any regrets.