The Fastest Dogs In The World

November 21, 2018
While it's true that Greyhounds are reputed to be the fastest dogs out there, (perhaps because they're commonly seen in dog races), there are other long-legged breeds that are also really fast.

People have always believed that Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world. Although this is true, there are many other breeds that also deserve to be on the list. Would you like to know which ones they are?

The fastest dogs in the world


The Vizsla (in the picture above) is a medium-sized, strong dog breed that originated in Hungary. It can reach up to 37 mph and was used for hunting. The breed almost went extinct during the Second World War. However, since a few of them survived, the breed still exists.

Although this breed is used for hunting, a lot more people have them as pets because they are friendly and the way they attach themselves to their owners.

Rat Terrier

This is one of the fastest dogs in the world because they can reach speeds of over 37 mph. Even though they come from the United States of America, the British used them to hunt hares and squirrels, a practice that was followed by North Americans.

Rat terrier.

They make perfect pets because they’re very adaptable and affectionate, and they’re happy in any environment.


The Borzoi is a member of the sighthound family and originated in Russia. They are known for being quiet and friendly and can also reach very high speeds. They can do it in record time and also is able to run at a steady pace for long distances.


Borzois are very slender and have long legs.

Border Collie

Although this breed has always been considered as sweet, few people know that it’s also one of the fastest in the world. It was used for decades as a herding dog. This is because they can reach very high speeds in seconds in order to retrieve lost sheep and livestock.

Border collie.

Border Collies reach maximum speeds of 31 mph!


The Saluki is classified as a sighthound and is known to be very fast. This is one of the oldest known dogs in the world and was used for hunting. It’s also one of the fastest in the world because they can reach speeds of over 37 mph.


Great Dane

If long legs indicate high speeds, then the Great Dane must be on our list of the fastest dogs in the world. They’re capable of reaching speeds of over 43 mph!

Great Dane.

Plus, they have a personality that makes them the perfect pet. However, you’re going to need a lot of room for them! And, of course, a good dose of daily exercise.

Afghan Hound

Just as their name suggests, this breed comes from Afghanistan. They’re another type of sighthound that stands out for their beauty.  Although it was used for hunting, today people have them as pets. Also, their speed is put to the test in many dog agility competitions.

Afghan hound.

Sighthounds have always been known to reach high speeds, but some of them surely stand out for it because they’re strong and have long legs. The Afghan Hound definitely belongs to be on this list.


The whippet is a sighthound breed, which means they’re slender, tall, and have long limbs. They reach a maximum speed of 40 mph and were used in England for hunting small deer.


Although there are other dogs that may reach faster speeds, the Whippet is known for their acceleration speed. They can go from 0 to 40 in four seconds. Incredible!

This is our list of the fastest dogs in the world which also make great pets. Did you like any of them?