The Result of Humanizing Pets

The Result of Humanizing Pets

Last update: 28 December, 2018

When animal lovers adopt a pet, they become part of the family. Sometimes this can cause pets to lose the balance between what they can and can’t do. As much as you don’t like it, your pet isn’t a person. (Though we know that some are better than most people”.) Humanizing your animal friend can bring grave consequences both for you and for them.

In his article, we’ll talk about what these consequences are and how you can avoid them.

The result of humanizing your pets

Problems socializing

Who hasn’t seen celebrities on TV who have pets that look like them? They almost look like people with their clothes, movements, an even the way they look at you. This kind of dog starts to think that they’re superior. As a result, they don’t want to socialize with other dogs

Dogs are pack animals. Even though they’re domesticated, they always need to have contact with other dogs. Depriving them of this in order to humanize them isn’t healthy, either for them or the owner. This can cause the pet to have episodes of anxiety, stress, and even become aggressive.

Loss of identity

Humanized pets use the toilet to go to the bathroom like this pub

A dog that urinates in water isn’t a dog. It’s true that getting a dog to take care of their needs in a bathroom is an accomplishment. But your pet won’t know what to do. It’s also possible that they will find it odd to see other animals going to the bathroom by lifting their hind leg. They’re a dog and they need to act like one.

They overlook their needs

When people want to humanize their pets, they overlook something that’s very important: their needs. If you want to feed them with your food, you might forget about their nutritional needs. These nutrients are necessary for their bones and the rest of their body. Only specially made foods for dogs can provide them with the high-quality food they need.

When you want them to sleep in your bed, don’t forget that you might not be there one day. So, what will they do then?

When you want to push them in a stroller like a baby, this overlooks their need to run, jump and get dirty, which makes them happy. This is what being a dog is all about. 

When you want to take your dog to a park for a walk inside a basket or bag, this neglects another one of their needs. They need to socialize with other dogs and people.

They lose the principles of a hierarchy

Humanizing your pet could make them confused when it comes to knowing who is in charge. As we’ve mentioned many times before, dogs need a leader. When they don’t, they make themselves the leader.

When you humanize your dog, it’s possible and very easy to lose the balance of what they can and can’t do. This can make them think that they’re in charge. This will lead to them thinking that they can do anything they want. Also, they’ll think that everyone else is there to serve them. This creates aggressive behaviors that can cause severe disorders.

Stop humanizing and spoiling them

Pampered dog

All of this doesn’t mean that you should completely stop pampering your pets. The secret is in finding a balance. You shouldn’t let them do whatever they want. You need to make your role as the leader known while making them feel loved and protected.

This seems more difficult than it really is. You only need to teach your dog to obey your commands. At the same time, you need to make them feel loved and part of your family.

You need to make sure the rest of your family understands this. There are certain limits that your pet shouldn’t pass. They should be treated with love but like a pet.


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