Don't Let Your Dog Go Hungry!

Don't Let Your Dog Go Hungry!

Last update: 25 April, 2018

Anyone who has a pet and has taken on the responsibility of taking care of them worries about their diet, among many other things. However, especially if you have dogs, you may have trouble determining when your they’re hungry.

Why does it seem like my dog is always hungry?

A lot of times, our furry friends seem like bottomless barrels. They always want to eat more, and they also beg for a bite of whatever we’re eating.

But is my dog really that hungry? Ruling out health problems, if you give him the correct amount of food, taking into account the dog’s characteristics, he will be full.

A hungry dog with a food bowl.

So, why is your dog constantly begging for food? Well, the answer may partly lie in his origins.

A matter of survival

It turns out that your pet’s ancestors are wolves. These animals get their food by hunting. Since this method does not mean they’ll eat every day, or get enough food, their survival instinct makes them eat everything they can get their paws on. After all, maybe the next hunt won’t be successful and they won’t eat for several days.

This behavior has lasted over the centuries, even to your pet today. Even though he never had to move a hair to get his food, something inside of him keeps telling him to fill his stomach up because a lot of time could pass until the next meal.

So if your dog stares at you as if saying, “is there anything else to eat?”, try not to give in to his sweet puppy dog eyes. If you’re giving him the correct amount, keep doing that and don’t exceed it. You will only make him become obese and his health will deteriorate.

A diet for every dog

To know whether you are giving your dog enough food, and to make sure that you are covering his nutritional needs, see a veterinarian. A vet will tell you what the most appropriate diet for your dog is at every stage of his life according to:

  • Breed or size
  • Weight
  • Health condition
  • Level of activity

Calculate the daily amount of food your dog needs

It’s important then that you correctly calculate the daily amount of food you dog needs. Then divide it by the number of times that you feed him during the day. This way, you’ll be sure that he’s eating what he needs to stay healthy and strong.

If you’re a very busy person and out of the house most of the day, or you don’t have a fixed time when you come home, maybe you’re concerned because sometimes you can’t get home by meal time every day.

Since dogs love schedules, it is very likely that if you’re late, your dog will start to get hungry. If this you, there is a solution. It won’t alter your dog’s routine but it will prevent him from getting hungry. Just get special bowls that will dispense the correct amount of food at the time you program it.

A white puppy with a bowl.

If you take care to feed him well, your dog will definitely not go hungry

So don’t worry. If you give quality dog food to your furry friend, in accordance with his characteristics and in the correct amount, he will definitely not go hungry. He may still beg for food, but there’s no cause for concern.

If you feed your dog homemade food, the same considerations apply. In this case, you should consult a specialist in animal nutrition to make sure you’re giving him all of the nutrients he needs.

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