Juniper and Moose: A Dog and Fox Who Are Now Friends

A friendship between two different species is always something that catches our attention. Humans tend to look at appearances and let ourselves be guided by that when choosing a person we want to be part of our life. In the animal world, it is different. Juniper and Moose demonstrate the beauty of this act.
Juniper and Moose: A Dog and Fox Who Are Now Friends

Last update: 02 January, 2019

Maybe we let ourselves get carried away by prejudice, generalizing a group of people without thinking that each person is different regardless of race, background or other reasons. When listening to this story about a fox and a dog, we are sure that you will not be able to avoid thinking about the movie Zootopia.

Today, we are going to tell you a beautiful story of friendship without prejudice: the story of Juniper and Moose.

Juniper and Moose: the unexpected friendship between a fox and a dog

Juniper and Moose, a fox and a dog who are friends

Moose is an Australian Shepherd that was rescued from the street. Nobody understood how such a beautiful dog could be abandoned. For months, his rescuers tried looking for his owners. Instead of thinking that he was abandoned, they thought he was lost. This search yielded no results, and it was clear: Moose was an abandoned dog.

A family adopted him and he was showered with care and love in his new home. Who would have ever thought Moose would be so fortunate? His new family took received him very well and in return, he always showed his love for them in the way he could.

He never thought that he would soon have a new friend, a new companion. Likewise, he had never imagined that he would become like a brother to him either.

Juniper’s arrival

Juniper is a small fox that Moose’s family also rescued. At first, they thought she was male, but they found out that Juniper is a female fox.

When Juniper arrived at the new house, a little scared, she quickly realized that she would not be alone. Moose, who also had not lived in the house for very long, was already there.

When the owners of both saw the exchange of glances, they began to worry that having a fox and a dog under the same roof would be a mistake. They thought the animals would not get along and there would be problems.

Nothing could be further from reality … Once they both sniffed each other, they became inseparable. Juniper and Moose’s owners joke that Juniper is in love with Moose. No one could really now know the truth behind that, but it’s true that Juniper and Moose sleep, eat and play together.


The two have become inseparable, despite being so different. According to their owner, Juniper spends the day trying to get Moose’s attention, without knowing how to do it.

She explains: “Foxes have a different way than dogs to mark their territory. They sit on top of everything they want to be theirs. Many times, I enter the room and the two are there on the bed. Juniper with her bottom on top of Moose’s face. Moose with an annoyed expression on his face, and Juniper smiling, proudly thinking that she has gotten what she wants “.

Juniper and Moose, a fox and a dog who are friends

The best of friends

It seems that one Juniper and Moose entered the home, they immediately clicked. For that reason, and for all the love that both animals have for each other, the owner will keep both despite the inconveniences.

She says that having a fox is very different from having a dog or a cat. These animals have a very unpleasant body odor and their droppings smell horrible. They have a difficult personality, and they have complicated hygiene and require a special kind of food.

However, Juniper and Moose are already part of the family and it’s worth dealing with any small inconvenience after seeing images like the ones we have given you in this article.

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