Pet Photos: How to Get Them to Sit Still

Before you begin to shoot any pet photos, ask yourself what makes them unique. What is it that sets them apart from other animals? Consider their personality and then attempt to capture it in your shots.
Pet Photos: How to Get Them to Sit Still

Last update: 15 August, 2019

You’re trying to take some pet photos to share with the world. Yours is lovely and you often watch them in that perfect pose that would, for sure, go viral on social networks. Then, as you approach them stealthily, right when you’re about to shoot, the animal moves. So, is there a way to get your pet to sit still for a photo?

Well, it may not seem like an easy task because you’ve tried to snap your pet photos so many times. Even while they’re asleep and all to no avail. It seems there’s a special scent coming off the camera and the animal can detect it every time you’re about to take a picture.

Here are some tips on how to get your pet to sit still so you can take that award-winning shot.

Pet photos: Steps to get them to sit still

Let’s begin by saying that your pet doesn’t know what a camera is or what it’s for. They just don’t understand how he should act around it. But, even if you think that a beautiful selfie with your pet is an impossible mission, with these tips it should be very easy.

A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you

-Brigitte Bardot-

Make enticing sounds

A woman photographing a dog.

Whistle or make some other sound that may catch your dog’s interest when you’re trying to get your dog to look at the camera.

If you’re going for a selfie, then you’ll need help from a friend. But if you’re trying to get a close-up, then you can make the sounds yourself from behind the camera.

Let the animal sniff the camera

Sometimes, the animal mainly wants to run away from the camera or mobile phone because it’s an unknown object to them. So, let them look at it and sniff it out. Show them the shutter sounds as well as the light that comes out when you use the flash.

The best way to take a good photo of your pet is when the animal is relaxing. So, don’t force them into a pose. They’ll be calmer and more likely to sit still after they get used to the camera.

Pet photos: Bribe them into it

A person photographing a dog.

There’s nothing like bribing your pet to get them to sit still for a photo. Get some food or any other treat they might like and use it as bait to get them to sit still.

Show them the food you’re holding behind the camera and they’ll fix their eyes on you. It’ll be a terrific portrait.

Another way to train them with treats is to just say “sit” and then give them the prize when they obey.

Offer challenges they can’t refuse

Dogs love games and challenges. They like things such as drinking from the toilet, going through door holes; jumping fences, and eating from a bag of dog food.

Catch them in the act and you’ll have some highly original, funny photos. You’ll have a great shot if you manage to do so just at the right time. If not, then they’ll be happy to have been a bit “naughty” and will most likely to try to please you with a cute pose you can snap for your photo album.

Mobile devices

There are many camera accessories out there – many products that make it easy to take a selfie of you and your pet. For example, there’s a device where you can attach a toy and then hook it on your phone. It’ll keep their eyes fixed on it and therefore on your camera so you can take a picture.

This concludes our tips on how to snap a great photo of your pet. Soon enough you won’t even remember the days when they ran away from you and your camera.

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