6 Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

6 Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

Last update: 28 April, 2018

Dogs bark to warn us about danger, or to express affection or happiness. However, there are times when the barking becomes obnoxious. Below are some tips to have your dog stop barking.

Tips to stop your dog from barking

Dog howling

First of all, remember it’s natural for a dog to bark because that is how he communicates.  Even though, it is true that you – – as “pack leader” – – must control your dog’s barking to prevent it becoming a nightmare.

Some dog breeds bark more than others. Also, it all depends on how much you can tolerate the noise. Most likely you will have to do the following recommendations to get your dog to stop barking:

1. Correct his behavior

Find a way to silence your dog when he barks too much. It can be a look, specific sound (for example  “no”) or  physical contact (a soft touch). Everything will be a lot more easy for you once your dog understands the sign to stop barking.

However,  keep in mind he might stop for a few moments and then go back to “singing”. This is because his brain still perceives something’s wrong. Don’t give up after the first attempt. Don’t forget, pets require patience and many repetitions to acquire a habit.

2. Interrupt him

If your dog barks to get attention, you have to act accordingly. Your do’s barking must come to an end if he does it to get you to feed him when it’s not time to eat, or if he interrupts you while you’re on the phone or watching TV.

Another technique is ignoring his barking when it’s just for attention. Most likely after a while he’ll get fed up and stop barking. If you do what he wants, the dog will know he can get his way by barking, and he’ll do it every day. 

3. Calm him down

Both you and your dog must be calm in order to have the training bear its fruits. It will be even worse if the barking gets on your nerves.  You will end up losing your ability to correct your pet’s behavioral issue.  Also, keep in my that animals retaliate from their owner’s moods.

So, if you’re irritable, he will be too. Although, your dog will obey your orders if you’re calm and stern. Take a deep breath before scolding him.

4. Take control

Don’t forget you’re the pack leader. If the dog is barking at a certain object, situation or person, go near him to show him who’s boss. Show ownership over the object. Thus, the animal will realize that he has nothing to worry about.

Use your body and attitude to build an invisible wall he cannot penetrate. You will be surprised by the effect it has on your pet.

5. Redirect his energy

Dog barking

Barking is another way for a dog to burn left over energy. So wouldn’t playing games or exercise be the best way to burn all of that energy? Take him for a walk every day. Even if it’s just around the block. Have him fetch a ball or toy. Do everything you can to burn all of that excess energy.

6. Get professional help

There is nothing wrong with seeing a profesional if you have been unable to stop your dog from barking. A veterinarian or a trainer might be just what you need. The animal’s bad behavior must come to an end as soon as possible.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.