3 Tips to Keep Your Dog from Destroying the House While You are Gone

3 Tips to Keep Your Dog from Destroying the House While You are Gone

Last update: 03 December, 2018

Your dog is no longer a puppy, but he destroys everything that he comes in to contact with while you are gone? In this article, we share some tips to help you keep your dog from destroying the house while you are gone.

This is Why Dogs Destroy Things When They Are Alone

Dog chewing on a rope toy

It is a fact that dogs do not like being alone very much. They are herd animals. But it is also true that the human members of the family generally have obligations to perform outside of the house on a daily basis..

But why do dogs react this way to being alone? Usually, it is because they are bored and do not exercise enough. But they may also be stressed or anxious about your absence.

So, how can you keep your pet from chewing, biting, scratching?  Or blatantly tearing up everything from your daily newspaper to your new shoes?

Except when dealing with extreme cases of separation anxiety, (in which case you should consult with an animal behavior specialist), we will give you some tips. This will help you keep your dog from destroying the house while you are gone.

Boredom, lack of exercise and anxiety are usually the main reasons why dogs destroy the house when they are alone. We are going to tell you how to avoid it.


1. Walk Your Dog and Play With Him or Her Before You Leave

Sometimes the daily rhythm of life is against us. But, as you know, if you have a pet, you take on the responsibility of care. So try to put together a daily routine to include a long walk with your dog before you leave the house.

Ideally, you should take advantage of the exercise. Whether you are having a good time throwing the ball for your dog, or another similar activity. However, a good walk is always welcome.

So, if neither you or the people living with you can walk your dog, ask a relative or friend to do it. Or, if your finances allow it, consider the possibility of hiring a trusted dog walker.

The goal for your four-legged friend is to feel tired and relaxed, so he does not destroy your home. Your dog will fall asleep and soon forget about your absence.


2. Give Your Dog Some Toys to Choose From

Whenever your furry friend wakes up from his or her nap, the best option is for your dog to have several toys within reach, that it will be attracted to and can have fun with with.

Interactive toys are usually the ones that best for this function. For example, the ones that dispense food as a reward.

Keep in mind that while some dogs have a favorite toy, others prefer choice. So pay attention to your dog’s taste and try offering him or her alternatives, if necessary.


3. Educate Your Dog With Clear Cut Rules

Your pet’s education (like the education of your children), is fundamental for good coexistence within the home. So, do it with patience and affection, but don’t spoil your dog. And always treat your pet for what it is: a dog. Do not confuse the animal.

By doing this, you will help to keep your dog from destroying the house while you are gone. That being said:

  • Teach your dog to bite his toys and not other objects.
  • Establish clear cut rules from the get-goIf you gave your dog items to play with like shoes or old clothes, do not complain if he now destroys new versions of these items. Dogs do not know how to discriminate one from the other.
  • Do not change the rules of the game. “No” must always be “no”. And this must be applied by all members of the family, because it is confusing for you to say one thing and your partner or your children to say another. The animal will not know how to behave correctly if his or her orders vary.


Another Option to Keep Your Dog from Destroying the House

Dogs sitting on a bench

A long-term solution could also be to get your dog a playmate.

Introducing a second pet into the home is not always an easy task, and you run the risk of it being a long time before the pair learn to get along.

But, unless there are irreconcilable differences, most likely, at some point your dog will have a great time with his or her new friend. And soon forget about destroying the house while you are gone.