How Can You Stop a Dog Fight?

A dog fight make us feel really bad, and we will certainly want to do something when we see it.
How Can You Stop a Dog Fight?

Last update: 07 February, 2018

If you are a dog lover, surely nothing is more unpleasant than witnessing a fight between dogs. Even less if yours is involved in it. But be careful, because it is not as easy as it seems. We must know what steps to take before getting into trouble or getting bitten.

For this reason, as we believe that it is not an isolated occurrence and that it can happen at any time, we thought it necessary to give you some advice to follow. Consult these tips for taking action in case you want to stop a dog fight.

Steps to follow to stop a dog fight

Keep calm

dog fight

Always remember that there is something that gives you an advantage over animals:  in the case of dogs, it’s your rationality. Therefore, do not forget to remain calm. Rest assured that, as a general rule, dog fights only last a few seconds.

The best thing you could do in these cases is to try to scare the dogs in order to distract them and, in this way, stop the fighting. Remember that, in such complicated moments, reaching your hand into their midst is not a good idea.

Use water

If you happen to have water on hand and can throw it at the dogs, do so. This will cause them to separate and to become distracted and forget what they were doing.

This is a very useful method. We recommend that when you go to a park or another place where there are other dogs besides yours, always bring a water bottle that you can use in case of emergency.

Find protection

As we’ve told you before, reaching into the fight is not a good idea. Find something that you could have on hand to use as protection. This could even be a carton that was in a nearby trash can or anything else that comes to mind.

Use a blanket

Throwing a blanket over the dogs will disorient them and give you the opportunity to grab yours. Of course, nobody carries a blanket when out on the street, but sometimes it is better to be proactive. The best thing would be to take a small backpack with the necessary things to have in case a dog fight occurs.

Pull on the tail

If there is something dogs hate, it is having their tails pulled. No dog, not even one who is involved in a fight, will avoid turning around if he feels someone pulling his tail.

Of course, if you are going to do this with a dog that is not yours, use protection just in case its mouth makes it to your hand quickly.

Use your legs

If you have sturdy shoes, you can push one of the dogs with your legs to loosen the pressure. You must not kick them or injure them. This is just about interrupting their concentration to see whether or not it helps when separating them.

Be careful if the dogs are too big, as this could be potentially dangerous because you may get hurt.

Be observant

Author: Mekanoide
Author: Mekanoide

A large number of fights can be stopped if we only watch our dogs for a few minutes. If you notice that your dog or the one approaching him growls, or barks or runs towards another dog, beware! A fight seems imminent.

They say that there is no better defense than a good offense, and this is true in the case of dog fights. Therefore, have foresight and walk your animal with a leash. Do not let it loose if you know it is aggressive, and if it is not, do not let it go until you make sure that the other dogs are not either.

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