Now You Can Play with Your Pet While You Work

A lot of toys have been developed that let us play with our pets. Some of them will even let you play with your pet while you work. 
Now You Can Play with Your Pet While You Work

Last update: 27 March, 2019

We’re going to tell you all about an interactive ball that lets you play with your pet, even while you work, and from anywhere in the world! It has so many obvious benefits, especially if we spend a lot of time away from home.

The ball that lets you play with your pet while you work

This ball, called Play Date, works from your smartphone. To play with your pet, you just have to download the app, which is available for Android and iOS.

This app lets you play with your pet while you work.

This toy has so many benefits. For example, it has a camera that takes pictures of your pet while he’s playing, and a microphone so you can talk to him and hear his barks, or any other noises, when someone throws the ball. So, it creates a lot of great interaction between the pet and his owner.

But this ball has even more features. Another example is the excellent built-in webcam. So, even as the ball is rotating, you’ll always get a good, clear image of your dog.

Also, this ball’s material won’t harm your dog’s teeth. The unbreakable plastic can easily withstand your pet’s bites.

How to leave your dog home alone

It’s very common for dogs to be afraid or anxious when they’re at home alone. This can happen to both adult dogs and puppies. Logically, the sooner we detect the problem, the sooner we can solve it.

It’s always better to deal with your puppies ‘inability to be home alone’ while he’s still small. If you wait until he’s older, the problem will be much more difficult to sort out.

One of the habits that we have to develop as owners is not to go back home to see our pet just because he’s too dependent on us. If he barks and cries when we leave home, and he misses us a lot, even if we’re only gone for two hours, it’s because he doesn’t know how to be alone. This happens because he’s feeling anxiety, stress, and lacks self-confidence.

Every pet needs to get used to being alone or, if you have more than one pet, they need to be happy playing with one another.

A good technique you can try is ‘ignoring’ him, even when you’re home. You shouldn’t see this as mistreatment, it’s a training method. Mother dogs also do it with their puppies as they grow and need to be weaned off. They stop paying as much attention to them so that they can become more independent.

All you’re doing is acting the same way that their mothers would act, and it will help them become more independent. Set limits for them little by little as they grow, so that they have no choice but to socialize and amuse themselves on their own. This is how dogs naturally gain self-confidence and independence from their mother.

Don’t scold your dog for no reason, and never hit him

Intimidating your dog by screaming or hitting him is a terrible thing to do. If your pet already feels insecure, this will only make him less trusting over time, and he’ll become defensive, grumpy and aggressive.

Even if you don’t touch him, you should also avoid forbidding him from doing thousands of things or scolding him for everything he does.

Even though it may not make sense, scolding our dog for everything may make him more dependent on us. Yelling at him isn’t helpful and it keeps his focus on you at all times.

Make sure everyone in the house respects his privacy and gives him his space; this includes the other animals.

A dog with his family.

Peace at home

This is so important. If everyone in the family remains calm, healthy and happy, those feelings will be projected onto your pet. Also, if you are at peace with yourself, then your pet will feel more at peace with himself.

However, if we have mood-swings and are constantly expressing different emotions, our friend will start to exhibit those same behaviors. They’re kind of like emotional and energetic sponges, they’ll change and transform according to the environment around them. 

It’s very normal for anxious and fearful people to have anxious animals as a result of the influence they have on them.

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