Winter's Here! Enjoy the Snow With Your Dog

Winter's on it's way (for some of us) and that's no reason for you and your dog to stay indoors. Today we'll tell you what you need to know in order to enjoy the snow with your pet.
Winter's Here! Enjoy the Snow With Your Dog

Last update: 01 July, 2020

Snow and cold can negatively affect your pet if you don’t take certain precautions. So, in order to know what you need to keep in mind in order to make this a positive experience, read the advice in the article below.

Enjoy the snow with your dog with the following tips

Protect your dog from the cold

There are certain breeds that have a very abundant coat of fur which is more than enough to deal with low temperatures. However, dogs with short hair will need to bundle up in order to withstand the cold. In pet supply stores, you’ll be able to find all sorts of clothing and accessories that serve this purpose.

A dog playing in the snow.

Caring for the padding of their feet

Another simple way to protect and care for the padding on your dog’s feet is with vaseline. You can apply this ointment before heading out into the snow, while you’re out, and when you get home. Vaseline creates a sort of protective barrier that will safeguard your pet from the harm that low temperatures can cause to this sensitive area of their bodies.

Don’t let your dog eat snow

Most often when you want to enjoy the snow with your dog, the two of you are bound to want to play together. However, your dog will want to do something that’s very common in canines:  eat snow. Dogs are curious and want to eat everything they find, and the same is true when it comes to the snow.

But don’t allow it, as it can cause stomach problems, nausea, and vomiting. What’s more, it can cause damage to your animal’s vocal cords.

Keep an eye on your pet

While the snow is the perfect place to play with your pet, you need to be extra careful that your animal doesn’t get lost or fall down any slopes. To keep this from happening, keep your eyes on your dog at all times and never let it out of sight… especially if there are other dogs around. Don’t move far away from your dog or allow your pet to run off.

A dog in the snow.

Be careful with the sun

The sun is much more dangerous when there’s snow on the ground. The snow reflects the sun and creates especially strong rays that can cause damage to the skin, both in animals and human beings.

Although there aren’t many products for pets that protect them from sun rays, we recommend that you don’t allow your dog to spend too much time in the sun without protection. Remember that the most delicate areas, like the nose, can suffer irreparable damage.

You can enjoy the snow with your dog as long as you keep in mind the recommendations we mentioned above. Put them into practice and you and your pet will be able to create unforgettable memories this winter.

Source of main image: Christina Hart

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