Meet the Pancino,The Dog That Practices Yoga

December 15, 2018

Dogs always know how to get us to smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re sad or upset. They always know how to make you feel better. They have tendencies that you would never imagine and behaviors that seem impossible to find in any other animal. In this article, you can read about one of these amazing animals. Pancino, the dog that does yoga. Don’t miss out on this story!

Pancino, the dog that does yoga

Pancino dog that does yoga is a Chihuahua like this one

Nic Bello is this special Chihuahua’s owner. Nick loves to do yoga and he doesn’t only do it at the gym but at home too. What’s yoga?

It’s a discipline that originated from in India and it has to do with mental and physical relaxation. It seems incredible that a dog can do it! The goal is to obtain physical wellbeing while combining the soul and spirit.

Nic, Pancino’s Italian owner, was doing one of his daily sessions of yoga and suddenly saw his dog Pancho, who he lovingly calls Pancino, imitating his movements.

He thought that it was just happenstance. But, when he saw Pancino following movement after movement, he soon realized that it was more than pure luck.

In fact, he created a Youtube channel called “Nic and Pancho”. Then he started posting videos of the two doing yoga together.

Nic benefited so much from Pancino’s interest for yoga, he decided to teach him. The results can be seen in the video below. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at how capable he is at doing three of the most well-known yoga poses the downward facing dog, the Sphinx, and the easy pose.

All like a pro. This video of Pancino, the dog that does yoga, is a clear example of how a powerful the link between you and your pet and you can be. However, a relationship only becomes powerful when it’s based on love. So you may be wondering, how \can you strengthen your bond with your dog?

Strengthen your bond with your pet like Nic and Pancino

There are different ways you can strengthen your bond with your dog. Some of them might be more accessible than others. But there are many easy things you can do so that your dog will see you as a friend.

  • Take them out for walks because you want to, not because you have to. Don’t forget you need to dedicate time to your pet even though busy, stressed out, and overwhelmed with a bunch of work. Your dog needs to spend good quality time with you. Remember, don’t limit their walks to five minutes so they can only relieve themselves. They need to take a breath of fresh air with you, have fun, see other people, other dogs, and definitely,ff spend time with you.
  • Come up with activities to do with them. Think about doing things or going places where your dog can go. Take this into account and give them some of your time. If you do, they will feel more loved and wanted.
  • Talk to them. It might sound crazy, but it isn’t. It’s not like they are going to understand everything you say. They also won’t give you advice. But you’ll see that they’re paying attention. And, they’ll do the same with you.
  • Play with them.
  • Pet them. Pamper and pet them a lot. This will make them like you. It’ll work!
  • Stay calm. Dogs are mischievous. But if you get upset with them, they’ll feel rejected.
  • Don’t yell at them. Always try to have an affectionate tone with them even when you’re upset. Even if they aren’t the reason why you’re upset, don’t let your anger out on them. And, if they are the reason why you’re angry, you need to control your emotions.

These basic pieces of advice will make you feel closer to your canine friend. And, they’ll make your dog feel closer to you. However, we can’t promise that they’ll do yoga with you…

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