Noosa Surf Festival: A Sport For Dogs And Their Owners

Noosa Surf Festival: A Sport For Dogs And Their Owners

Last update: 22 December, 2018

If you are passionate about gliding over the waves on your surfboard and your dog does too, then you shouldn’t miss the Noosa Surf Festival. This festival has been held in Australia for 25 years. Fans and athletes come from all over the world just to participate in this festival. However, ever since it started in 2012, the competition for dogs and their owners has been one of the top attractions in Australia.

Noosa Surf Festival for dogs and owners, where the most important thing isn’t winning

The Noosa Surf Festival has dogs surfing.

Bey0nd just practicing the sport itself, surfing with your pet is a great opportunity for dogs and their owners to have a great time together. That’s why so many people go to the Noosa Surf Festival.

Paul Jarrett, the co-founder of the festival, said that in this competition for dogs and their owners, “the important thing is not winning or losing,” but that participants enjoy the “celebration for people who like the ocean, surfing, and the environment.”

Judging by pictures of the event, some dogs seem like naturals when it comes to surfing with their owners on the same board. Check out this video!

Surfing is a sport where dogs and their owners can compete together. The Noosa Surf Festival in Australia is a good opportunity for this to happen.

Benefits of surfing with your dog

Former tandem surfing champion and current canine trainer Chris de Aboitz is in charge of this part of the Noosa Surf Festival. He shows off his skills on his board with his dogs Millie and Rama. He also explains to people the benefits of surfing with their dogs.

De Aboitz explains that surfing is a good way to improve a dog’s natural ability to balance. He doesn’t just use his training method to get owners to surf with dogs, but also to get help to solve the behavioral problems of these animals. For example:

Surfing, a sport to share with your dog

Australia is not the only place in the world where surfing with dogs has become popular. In the United States, there have also been tournaments. The two most popular are held in San Diego, California: the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition and the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon.

If you’re interested in surfing with your dog, then you should find out if your pet also likes the idea.

There are many dog breeds that love water, such as Labradors. However, not all dogs like water. If you can’t take away your dog’s fear of surfing, you can always look for other types of competitions that the both of you can participate in.

The best type of activity is one where you and your furry friend can have a good time together and strengthen your relationship. Avoid don’t create a traumatic experience by forcing your dog to do something they don’t like. 

How to teach your dog to surf

Girl and dog participating in the Noosa Surf Festival

However, if it seems that your dog likes the idea of surfing with you, then be patient and start training in your home. Here are the next steps:

  • On land, let your dog become familiar with the surfboard. Let them smell it, learn to climb on it. Once they get over their fear, you can start getting them used to movements similar to the ones that they’ll feel on the ocean.
  • Once your dog is ready to start practicing in the water, you should start by taking them to a pool.
  • If everything is going well in the pool, then it’s time to take them to the beach and begin surfing in the waves.

Final tips before surfing with your pet

Before getting in the water with your dog, make sure you put a life jacket on them. There are special life jackets designed for dogs. Also, keep in mind that the board shouldn’t be slippery. Make sure your pet can dig their claws into it.

Once you have everything ready, then it’s time to start having fun! Remember that what this activity is all about. Also, by surfing with your canine friend, you’ll strengthen your bond with them. So, if you ever get the opportunity to participate in the Noosa Surf Festival, go for it!

Source of images: Noosa Surf Festival