Play With Your Dog: Tips for Daily Playtime With Your Dog

Play With Your Dog: Tips for Daily Playtime With Your Dog

Last update: 23 December, 2018

Personal circumstances, problems, and work sometimes become so stressful that once you get home, all that you would want to do is relax and sleep. However, that’s not always possible when you have a dog. Your dog needs your attention. Not only do they need you to take them out for walks, but he needs to play and receive your attention.

But how do you play with your dog? What kinds of activities can you do together? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all your questions.

How to play with your dog

There are many ways to play with your dog.

Playing is important for your dog to feel loved. In addition, it’s essential for their emotional and physical well-being. Here are some tips to make playing with your dog enjoyable for both of you:

  • Tug of war. Your dog will love this game. They have an innate desire to pull on everything with their mouths. For this game, use a long toy or a stuffed animal to have your dog hold on to one end, as you hold on to the other. In addition to a game, you can also train your dog to understand verbal commands such as “take it” or “let go.”
  • Fetch. This is another innate behavior of dogs: running around anything that moves. How to play fetch with your pet is pretty straightforward. Show them a toy, make sure they follow it with their eyes and throw it. They should then run and look for it. The most difficult thing to get your dog to do is to bring it back. However, this can be a good moment to teach them a command, such as “bring it to me.”
  • Hide and seek. This isn’t the easiest game to play with your dog, but it can be good for a laugh. In order to play hide and seek with your dog, you’ll need someone to hold your dog while you hide. If you want to make things easier, take a treat with you or a toy.
  • Teaching words. We’re not saying you should try to teach your dog to talk. However, they can learn to relate an object to a word. For example, if you have a toy, say what it is when you give it to them or when you ask them to fetch it. Say the word “toy” as many times as you can so your dog can learn it quickly.
  • Dedicate time to your dog. Try to dedicate at least 15 minutes of play with your dog on daily basis. This will help increase your bond between you and also make your dog happier.

Other tips to play with your dog

Buy toys for your dog. Even though dogs love to run and jump, having toys is something that they really love. But how do you to choose the right toy?

Play with your dog every day for at least 15 minutes.
  • Active toys. These are toys that allow your dog to run after them, chew on them, and eventually, destroy them. There is a wide range to choose from. You should consider your dog’s tastes when it comes to choosing them.
  • Soft toys. Don’t look for toys that are too hard because they could damage your dog’s teeth. Some toys are made to help improve their teeth and entertain your dog.
  • Distracting toys. These might be a bit more expensive. However, they are excellent for your pet’s mental health and entertainment. They usually have some kind of small dome that encloses a treat. They make the dog stay active. These toys make your dog try to figure out how to get to the treat inside.
  • Switch out toys. Dogs get bored quickly. Try finding 3 or 4 toys that they love and play with a different one every day. This will help prevent your pet from getting bored.

These are just some suggestions to help you play with your dog. Most likely you can come up with lots of other creative ideas with a little effort. Play with your dog every day, dedicate time to them, and help make them feel like a happy pet.

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