Use a Bicycle Trailer to Walk Your Dog

Attaching a trailer to your bicycle is a great option to take your dog with you on long bike rides.
Use a Bicycle Trailer to Walk Your Dog

Last update: 04 May, 2019

If your dog is still a puppy, is too old or has a health problem, a bicycle trailer made for dogs can become your best ally when it comes to helping your dog get around.

Walking with your dog is a very nice experience. However, there may be times when you might want to exercise more, but your best friend is not too much of an athlete. In that case, we recommend that you use a bicycle trailer. In this way, both of you will be outdoors enjoying the ride.

A bicycle trailer for dogs?

Yes, you heard it right! You can buy a bicycle trailer to take your pet on walks. You can keep him safer and less tired than he would be if you forced him to follow your footsteps (or your pedaling).

Cycling with a dog can be dangerous or complicated, especially if the animal is not in good physical condition, has not learned certain rules, or is too old to keep up.

In addition, some dogs are disciplined enough to run next to their owner riding a bike. Or maybe you’d prefer to take your dog to a specific place — for example, to the beach or to the mountain — in the trailer. Once there, you can let him run at ease and have a great time.

A bicycle trailer is a cab with wheels and semitransparent windows. It has a universal coupling for the rear axle of the bike. The inside can have an anti-slip mat, and vinyl sides to protect the animal from wind or rain. Some of them offer a kit that makes it into a stroller (like one for babies), ideal for those who also want to leave behind the bicycle to run.

A man cycles down the street with a bicycle trailer for dogs behind him.

Why use a bicycle trailer for dogs?

There are many reasons why you might choose this option to go for a walk or to exercise with your pet:

1. If your dog doesn’t know to run alongside a bicycle

When they are puppies, they don’t have the necessary stamina — or enough discipline. At the same time, when they’re adults, they may not be in good enough physical condition to run alongside without any problems.

2. If the trip is long

Let’s suppose that your pet is used to exercising, but in short stretches of a few streets at a time. What happens if you want to take him to a more remote place? He wouldn’t make it!

3. If your pet doesn’t like to exercise

Maybe he is old, is overweight or perhaps his breed isn’t ‘compatible’ with physical exercise. This is the case with brachycephalic dogs or those with short legs like corgis. In those cases, it would be better for him to travel safely with you to the mountains in their own special mode of transportation.

4. If your dog has health problems

You might need to think about a bicycle trailer if your dog is rather old. He might also be just getting over an illness, accident or operation. That doesn’t mean you should avoid taking him for walks outdoors. A bicycle trailer is ideal in these cases.

A dog sits in a bicycle trailer.

What characteristics should a bicycle trailer have?

If you’ve decided that a bicycle trailer made for dogs is the best solution for you and your pet, the next step is to buy the most suitable model. Some questions that must be taken into account are:

1. Size

Bicycle trailers for dogs come in different sizes and capacities, depending on the animal. Likewise, these “cabs” are often used for small dogs, such as poodles or Yorkshire terriers. Also, keep in mind how much weight it can support, usually up to 20 kilos.

2. Hitch

Almost every trailer has a universal coupling, a metal part that is screwed to the rear wheel. But, in addition, it is recommended that you have a safety strap or secondary support in case of an accident.

3. Quality

This is fundamental, since you’ll be wanting it to last for several years and not break within a few weeks of use. In addition, a good quality trailer is safer for your pet and for you. Having robust wheels, a solid frame and a durable cab are some of the requirements.

Finally, if you don’t have very much space at home to save it, opt for a model that can be folded and stored anywhere (even under the bed or behind some furniture). And don’t forget to use certain security accessories such as reflectors, safety flags or even flashing lights if you go out at night.

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