Stuck for a Gift? Perfect Books for Dog Lovers!

Would you like a list of the perfect books for dog lovers? This year you won't be stuck for a gift on those special days!
Stuck for a Gift? Perfect Books for Dog Lovers!

Last update: 18 May, 2019

Does your girl or guy love dogs? And does he or she also like reading? Well, one of the following books for dog lovers could be the perfect present.

We thought we would make you out a list of the 5 best books for dog lovers that you can gift as a gift whenever you want. Now finding that perfect gift for your partner will be easy!

5 books for dog lovers

Three puppies together.

When a birthday or anniversary is getting near, you probably start to wonder what you can get for your partner. Of course, you’ll want to get them something original and interesting. Well, this year you’ve got some extra help right here! Check out this list and choose the book you think your partner will like best.

Inside of a Dog, by Alexandra Horowitz

Inside of a Dog explains from a dog’s point of view how dogs view everything around them. This includes how they view the world, how they feel when they smell food and what it means for a dog to be sad.

In this book, you’ll really find out what it means to be a dog, from the point of view of the dog itself. If your partner loves animals and if you also have a dog as a pet, this book will be perfect – they’ll love it! It’s very useful to get to know your loyal friend even better.

The Genius of Dogs, by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

One repeating phrase you’ll find in the book is this: dogs are smarter than you think. In fact, several scientific studies have confirmed this fact.

It’s quite clear that dogs have a special intelligence when it comes to relating to humans. As is logical, this affects our relationship with canines compared to other animals. For that reason, in this book the authors have focused on telling you how you can improve or have a better relationship with your dog.

The Other End of the Leash, by Patricia B. McConnell

The Other End of the Leash focuses on making comparisons between human behavior and that of your pet. The authoress analyzes how people behave when they are with their pets, and how their animals interpret their owner’s actions. It’s a very interesting read.

How Dogs Love Us, by Gregory Berns

The author of this book had a dog called Callie, and that was where his curiosity for dogs started. He investigated dogs thoroughly and even did an MRI scan of his dog to help his research.

He wrote this book in which he expresses and explains how dogs empathize with human emotions, how they love us, and why one of the strongest and beautiful relationships that exists is between canines and people.

Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth, by Guinnevere Shuster

A husky puppy barking.

The writer of this book works in an animal shelter in Utah, called the Humane Society of Utah.

In this book you’ll find photos of dogs that are available for adoption, but it shows the dogs in hilarious poses. You’ll find pictures of dogs in funny positions, with funny faces etc… The purpose is to show the dogs’ most playful side so that they can find homes easier.

What else will you find in this book? There are hundreds of photos of these interesting creatures, as well as some of their stories. Additionally, a portion of the sale price of this book will be donated to the animal shelter that looks after these animals. It’ll help those who run the shelter to be able to continue with their fantastic work.

As you can see, this year you’ll have an easy job finding the perfect gift for your partner. Get them one of these dog books for their birthday or your anniversary – it’ll be a really original gift! Are you ready to surprise your partner with something different this year?

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