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How to teach a dog to do his business on newspaper

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How to teach a dog to do his business on newspaper
Last update: 29 April, 2018

When a puppy comes into your life and your home, he comes with happiness but also responsibility for his well-being. Among your many duties, the first thing that you should teach your puppy is how to do his business on newspaper.

Show your puppy right away where he should do his business

Dogs inherit from their ancestors, wolves, the custom of urinating and defecating outside of their den, in this case their little beds. The main reason: keeping their place clean so predators don’t detect them by their smell. It’s also a way of keeping the space free from parasites.

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But here you will need to explain to your new little friend — with patience and consistency — that they can’t do it just anywhere. And since the puppy won’t be able to go outside until he has gotten all of his vaccinations, we’ll tell you how you can get him to do his business on newspaper or the like.

Teaching a puppy to do this business on newspaper is a job that will take time, patience and especially love.

Advice for teaching a dog to pee and poop on newspaper

First and foremost, choose a spot in your house that will be just for your pet. That’s the spot you should put his bed, his toys and bowls for food and water. You should also cover an area on the floor with paper and take the puppy there when he shows signs of having to go pee or poop.

Once he does his business in the right place, which should always be the same, congratulate him with loving words, pet him, and maybe even give him a treat made for puppies.

Remember that positive reinforcement is always a good way to train a dog. Don’t try punishment, because it will never have good results. You’ll only make the animal afraid or traumatized, and he may even begin to urinate or defecate anyway.

Patience and observation

Take into account that getting your little animal to always do his business where he should is not something that will happen overnight. Puppies learn very slowly, so you must be persistent and patient.

Be very observant during times when puppies normally urinate and defecate so you’ll be able to bring them to the right place on time. This is when it usually happens:

  • When they wake up.
  • After eating.
  • After playing.
  • If they get upset or nervous.

A two-month-old puppy may go three or four hours without having to go. This period will extend as he grows up. Also, when puppies have to defecate, they usually go around sniffing the floor, as if they’re looking for something.

From paper to going for walks, one step at a time

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As the days pass, you’ll see your dedication bear fruit and your puppy understanding that he must urinate and defecate only in the place that you’ve shown him. Don’t hesitate to talk to a vet if you have any questions in that respect.

As an alternative to traditional newspaper, pet stores also have cloths with specific smells that encourage puppies to do their business there.

When a puppy has started going on his first walks, he will gradually get used to a new routine and understand that he will have to go outside of the house instead of on the newspaper.

But that’s a topic for another article. Meanwhile, with patience, persistence and affection, your puppy will learn to do his business on newspaper. Here goes!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.