Tips to Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food

First, analyzes your own actions. If you haven't set any boundaries  to your dog, it's going to be much harder to teach him what's right and wrong. Other things that can lead your dog to do this are stress and boredom.
Tips to Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food

Last update: 09 September, 2018

One common behavioral problem with pets is eating human food while you’re not looking. If you want to keep your dog from stealing food, you should read this article. These great tips can certainly help.

Why dogs steal food

They rarely steal food just because they’re hungry. It’s more related to a lack of training. If your dog has done it before and you said anything about it, he probably doesn’t think it’s wrong.

If you ever scold him and he continues stealing food, then maybe this punishment isn’t enough, or it doesn’t line up with your actions. For example, feeding him from your plate.

One big reason why your dog might be stealing food from the table is boredomHe probably does this to entertain itself, like a game. Even if you scold him, he still has achieved his goal of getting your attention.

It might sound strange, but stress can also cause a do to behave this way. If the dog is  very dependent on his owners and spends hours alone or doesn’t get as much affection as he is used to (when a baby is born), he might act this way to feel noticed.

dog stealing food from the table

Your dog’s personality also plays an important role. If your dog is a glutton, it’s no surprise to catch him stealing food because is what he is always thinking about!

Of course, not setting enough boundaries is also a major cause for this behavior. It doesn’t matter if the dog has been rescued from the street, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to steal food. If your dog was a stray, it can be harder to change his habits, but it’s not impossible.

How to stop your dog from stealing food

It’s all the same whether your dog just started doing this or has been doing it a long time. It’s obviously easier with a puppy, but old dogs can learn new tricks too. You just need a little bit more patience and commitment. Here are some of the tips to stop your dog from stealing food:

1. He should only eat from its bowl

If you teach your dog from a young age that he only is allowed to eat food from his bowlthen he should understand that whatever’s on the table or anywhere else is off limits. If you do this then the stealing would never be a problem!

2. Put the food out of its reach

The fact is that animals are very clever when it comes to stealing food or getting into mischief. So try not to leave any “temptations” where they can see them. Always store your food in the fridge or the pantry.

3. Teach him to calm down during dinner

Be very careful when you’re eating dinner. It’s a common mistake to share a little bit of your meal with your dog. If you’re eating, don’t let your dog hang by your legs, put his paws on the table, bark, etc…Above all, don’t let their sad eyes trick you!

dog begging for food at table

4. Don’t let him eat from the trash or on the street

Stealing food isn’t just something he might do at home with things he sees on the table. A lot of dogs sniff through trash bags or stick their nose into a garbage can in the street. It can also be dangerous for him t if there’s any glass, rotten food, or medication inside the garbage. Keep a close watch on your dog and make sure he isn’t doing it at home.

This takes place because your dog doesn’t understand when it’s okay to steal food and when it’s not. Therefore, eating a cracker from your plate is no different than finding a piece of meat in the trash.

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