Animals that Mate for Life

While most animals change from one mate to another numerous times over the course of their lives, there are certain species that mate for life. We'll tell you more in the following article.
Animals that Mate for Life

Last update: 19 May, 2020

Monogamy doesn’t only exist within human relationships. We can also find animals that mate for life in nature. Yes, there are certain species that choose only one partner to have a long-lasting relationship with. This isn’t common, but these animals develop bonds that go far beyond the basic needs of reproduction.

The reasons that explain why some animals mate for life

Some animals develop bonds that go far beyond reproduction. On most occasions, the explanation behind their behavior has to do with more than romance. In fact, romanticism isn’t the true protagonist of this story.

So, what’s the real reason why animals mate for life? Actually, there are a variety of motives, but we can reduce them down to two: Proximity and the nurturing of their young.

By default, these animals create a permanent bond with another nearby member of the same species. In other words, proximity becomes a question of survival and reproduction.

The care of their young is another key aspect when it comes to why animals choose one partner for life. Just as with human beings, being good parents and defending their young is primordial.