Choose a Godparent for Your Pet

Choose a Godparent for Your Pet

Last update: 17 June, 2018

Whether you’re going on a trip, have an accident, or even pass away, you need to find someone to take care of your cat or dog just as you would. Although it might sound strange, choosing a godparent for your pet could be a very noble thing to do, because you’re thinking about his future and well-being.

A Godparent for Your Pet?

Having a cat or dog (the most common pets) is a complete responsibility. It’s something that you shouldn’t take lightly because it involves the life of a sensitive creature that needs care, affection, and good health.

A cat being petted

Perhaps you’ve never asked yourself, “what would happen to my pet if I’m not around anymore?” The truth is that no one tends to think about it. However, it would be good if you considered thinking about this topic a little bit, especially if you live alone.

There are thousands of cases of cats and dogs who have become homeless after their owners have passed away. You of course don’t want this to happen to your best friend. A good way to make sure that they won’t suffer after your death, is to choose a godparent for your pet.

It might sound a bit odd or far-fetched, but if you think about it, it’s not a bad idea. Therefore, how do you choose someone to be responsible for looking after your special friend for the rest of their life?

Tips for Choosing a Godparent for Your Pet

  • As a first step, you need to choose someone who likes animals. This condition is more than obvious. This means they’ll be able to offer your pet a similar lifestyle to the one they had prior to your death.
  • Secondly, choose a godparent who has a good relationship with them. This means knowing that they already get along well. Think about the people who often play with your dog, pet your cat, or quite genuinely ask how they are.
  • Another thing you should consider is whether they have the right space and time for your pet. For example, do they live near a park? Do they have other animals (who get along well with your pet)? Are they out of the house for long periods of time? It might be difficult to give a positive response to all of these questions, but you’ll surely find someone who can look after your best friend.
  • Finally, you need to talk with the person you’ve chosen so he/she knows that he/she will be your pet’s godparent. Pay attention to their initial reaction. They might find it funny or strange. However, knowing that they’ve been chosen, they’ll feel honored, and won’t hesitate to agree to look after your pet for you.

Holidays and Accidents: The Time to Choose a Godparent for Your Pet

When you go away for at least a week, you should think about who’s going to look after your cat or dog. In the case of dogs, you’re better off leaving them at their guardian’s house. However, if you have a cat, it might be different. You could just choose someone to visit your house to leave food and change the litter box.

A cat in a litter box

When would be a good time to choose a godparent for your pet when you’re out on a holiday? If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to choose the right person to look after your pet. There needs to be enough trust so you can be a 100% relaxed, knowing that your cat or dog is in safe hands, will be kept fed, happy, and that your pet won’t suffer.

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