Cat Scratching Posts and Other Accessories

Cat scratching posts aren't just a source of entertainment for cats. They’re also a great form of exercise and more.
Cat Scratching Posts and Other Accessories
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

Why do domestic cats need a scratching post in their daily routine? One of the main benefits is so that they can sharpen their claws. Therefore, this article will discuss cat scratching posts and how important they are for your pet’s well-being.

Why do cats need to sharpen their claws?

In the wild, cats sharpen and wear out their claws by scratching tree trunks and other natural elements. This is so that they can hunt effectively. But there are many other reasons, such as:

A cat scratching post.

Biological need

There are multiple layers to a cat’s claws that continuously grow to allow the new nail to form. If their claws aren’t worn down, the animal will find balancing difficult and have problems walking. It will also hinder hunting and feeding, and they will struggle to exercise and defend themselves.

All of the above shows us how important it is for both wild and domestic cats to be able to wear down their claws.

Marking their territory

Cats are one of the most territorial species in the animal world. This wards off other hunters and is essential for their survival.

The pads on their paws are concentrated with sweat glands, which produce a similar substance to our sweat. This substance is full of information filled hormones. When a cat scratches to mark its territory, it also leaves the smell from its sweat behind too.

Domestic cats inherited this from their wild ancestors. Therefore, they need to mark their own home to keep away the ‘competition’.


Small cats tend to stretch their bodies quite often, mainly when they wake up or stand up. They also need to do this to be well prepared and alert.

To be able to stretch and stabilize their body, cats need to dig their claws into a solid surface. Another reason why they always need sharp claws.

Exercise and entertainment

As domestic cats don’t need to hunt for their food, they naturally exercise less. This, along with the fact that many cats live in small environments and don’t go outside.

This means that domestic cats tend to be overweight. A sedentary lifestyle bores cats. It’s very normal for cats to find their own source of entertainment so they can burn some energy. Therefore, cats will use furniture to sharpen their claws as a form of entertainment.

Should you have cat scratching posts in your home?

We’ve already seen that it’s quite habitual in cats to need to sharpen their clawsIf you don’t have a scratching post, your cat will use furniture, the carpet, or curtains.

So, scratching posts are the ideal solution for satisfying your cat’s needs. They’ll help them keep both their minds and bodies active and healthy.

Types of scratching posts and how to choose the best one for your cat

Scratching posts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors. There’s so much variety on the market that sometimes it’s too difficult to choose the perfect one. So, here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right scratching post for your cat.

Do you have a small home?

The simplest way to please your cat and optimize space is to buy a post type scratcher.

Is your home large? Do you have several cats?

Some cat scratching posts have many accessories that are like a theme park for your cat. It’s an excellent way to provide an active routine for domestic cats. These objects are ideal accessories for homes where space is plentiful or where several cats are living.

A cat scratching post.

Is your cat classed as a senior?

Elderly cats naturally have a lower metabolism, so they need more accessible and less impactful activities. Flat scratching boards offer comfort and convenience for your cat; they are compact and can be used in small spaces.

Is your cat naturally curious?

Cat scratching posts with hiding places are excellent for the most curious and hyperactive cats and they’ll make it their home .  These have accessories that are great for stimulating your pet and they’ll use the hiding places as a shelter.

Sharp nails don’t need to be long, especially when trying to prevent certain behavior. Scratching posts are perfect for keeping their nails sharp. Sharp nails aren’t necessary, just as long as they’re kept at a considerable size. Always consult with your trusted vet about nail care.

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