Favorite Games and Activities for Cats

The socialization of felines depends entirely on their owners, as it's rare for domestic cats to go outdoors to take walks. Despite their independence, they require our attention and a dose of exercise in order to relieve stress. What's more, they need games and activities that imitate what they would do if they lived in the wild. 
Favorite Games and Activities for Cats

Last update: 04 June, 2020

For many people, cats are the ideal pet because they’re so self-sufficient and require much less attention than other pets. However, we need to give them the same attention we would give to a pet dog. With this in mind, we want to offer some advice about games and activities for cats that you can try out at home.

Favorite games and activities for cats

Cats tend to be nocturnal and very solitary by nature. Most of the time, they’re very quiet and may even be standoffish. Some cats that sleep more than 17 hours a day while they await the arrival of their owners.

Many feline specimens have adapted to our human schedules and left behind their nocturnal tendencies. But this means that they now require the same amount of our attention as would a dog.

It’s important to remember that cats don’t get out of the house and go on frequent walks the way that dogs do. Therefore, their socialization depends completely on their owners. So, when you see your cat run towards you, it means he or she is truly happy that you’re home.

A cat on a leash.

The idea behind games and activities for cats is to simulate the way they would behave in nature if they were wild. This allows them to develop healthy behavior patterns without putting themselves or others in danger.

At the same time, games and activities for cats allow felines to exercise and stay healthy most of the time. That way, they avoid health problems as well as stress.

We should point out that the games in which cats “win” tend to be the most suitable for them. This is because they establish a sense of victory that’s satisfying for cats, given their hunting instincts. Not having this reward can be very damaging to your cat’s psyche.

A cat playing with a toy.

There are a wide variety of toys available for cats that can keep them amused for many days. However, given their curious nature, they eventually get bored and look for something else to amuse themselves with.

Therefore, we suggest having a box full of toys of all different sizes, materials, and textures. That way, you can surprise your pets every day, varying their activities and emotions.

Types of play

Entertaining a cat doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a good imagination in order to recycle items that you already have lying around your home. For example, try out the following games and activities for cats that you can play at home:

A ball of yarn or string

Our feline friends will spend hours pawing at and pouncing on a ball of yarnThis produces a great sense of pleasure and is an excellent way for them to reduce their stress levels. Just make sure that your pet doesn’t swallow any fibers while they play.

A kitten playing with yarn.

Felt animals

These stuffed animals are great toys for our cats, and the smaller the better. The object is to simulate a prey of a specific size that our pets can stalk and sneak up on until they finally trap them… and in some cases, destroy them altogether.

In this case, it’s best for owners to get involved as well, holding on to a string or cord that attaches to the stuffed animals. This will add a new dimension to the activity and allow your cat to run and use its athletic abilities to trap its prey. What’s more, this game reinforces the trust between pets and their owners, which will be very beneficial in the future.

Games and activities for cats: boxes

It’s no secret that cats of every shape, size, and breed share an affinity for cardboard boxesThese objects offer our pets a sense of security–a place where they can rest safely.

A cat playing in a box.

But boxes aren’t just a place for our four-footed friends to curl up and rest. With a little bit of creativity and plenty of boxes, you can create a circuit for your cats where they can discover rewards and find different objects to amuse themselves with.

For example, you can build something as simple as an obstacle course, with each sector full of rewards for when they overcome the challenge. Or, you can go all out and create a mini amusement park! We invite you to give this idea a try, as cats are sure to love it.

Scratch posts

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat knows how much time our feline friends spend sharpening their claws. Therefore, having a scratch post in your home is an essential way to prevent your cat from destroying your furniture.

But offering your cat a scratch post is about much more than caring for your belongings. It’s also about entertaining your pet. Look for a scratch post that has different levels and hiding places. Your cat will love climbing up and down and exploring, just as it would in the wild in order to stalk its prey and attack by surprise.

In the same way, a scratch post can allow you to vary the games you play with your cat. You can add a feather or a stuffed bird and tie it to a string for your cat to attack from its post. That way, your cat can attack and enjoy the satisfaction of breaking the string.

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