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Cat Toys to Keep Your Pet Stress-Free

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It's well known that felines need to exercise in order to remain thin. But, given that they don't go out for walks, as dogs do, then you have to keep them active.
Cat Toys to Keep Your Pet Stress-Free
Last update: 27 December, 2022

A cat’s daily routine is a lot more stressful than a dog’s. The latter usually go out to the park and for walks, while the cats are at home most of the time. It’s for this reason that they need an outlet for their energy and to develop their hunting skills. With this in mind, there are now some cat toys that could help meet their needs. We’ll tell you all about them all here.

Games are an excellent way for cats to exercise. Introducing food into toys is a great way to encourage your cat to play throughout the day. Additionally, it’ll help them achieve, or simply maintain, their ideal weight, and it’ll also keep them calm and stress-free.

Food puzzles

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Different experts recognize the importance of certain cat toys, such as food puzzles. With these games, the feline has to figure out how to get to the food. They can get exercise and get fed at the same time.

Butterfly cat toy

There are interactive toys on the market such as battery-powered butterfly-shaped fluttering kittens. These kinds of toys encourage cats, not only to play but also to hunt their food.

Let’s not forget that the cat is a hunter by nature and it must use its muscles to be in good shape. In addition, this kind of play generates interest, which leads to a healthy, happy life.

These feeding toys are not only fun for cats, but also for their people, as they help tighten the bond between both parties. Furthermore, it’s also an accessory that can help prevent obesity –paired up with a healthy, balanced diet.

Feeding and intelligent cat toys

Some feeding toys have a plastic base with 9 holes. Bowls are put inside at different heights, and you can adjust the order according to the level of difficulty you wish to set. And then, the daily feeding ration will be distributed among the different bowls.

By doing this, the cat will have to get the food with the help of their paws. The challenge of obtaining the food maintains the interest and motivation of the feline, so that it continues to empty the rest of the containers.

As it will be harder for the cat to “catch” their food, they’ll also be forced to eat slower than they would from a regular bowl. Consequently, their stomach won’t overload, and their digestion will be easier. In addition, a feeling of fullness will appear sooner and the cat will, most likely, eat less.

Feeding cat toys are an ideal accessory to control a cat’s weight. They not only keep them amused, but also stimulate their mental capacity. In addition to that it will stimulate their instinctual ability, and the satisfaction of “hunting” their own food.

Feeding a cat in this way is well recognized and approved by veterinarians, as you can regulate the levels of difficulty of the feeder so that the cat doesn’t get frustrated or feel overwhelmed.

How much game time is ideal?

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Cats need 30 minutes of daily games for stimulus and happiness, and to reduce the chance of getting overweight. A bored feline might scratch the furniture, eat the plants, or bite the ankles of their owner in order to try to get some interaction from them.

Game time shouldn’t be reserved just to kittens. A kitty is curious about everything, and their desire to explore the territory is often enough to provide them with hours of fun and knowledge, even on their own.

But, when it comes to adult cats, chilling is the goal of the day. It’s for this reason that they need a lot of fun time with their owner. Unlike dogs, felines don’t go out for walks with you, and that’s why you have to make it up to them.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.