This Is What Your Cat Hates the Most

Cats are very independent. In fact, their character differs from that of other pets. Make sure you don't do anything to annoy it because cats are so resentful that they’ll remember. In this article, discover what your cat hates!
This Is What Your Cat Hates the Most

Last update: 19 January, 2021

Since you made the decision to adopt or buy a cat, you’ve probably noticed over time that there are many similarities between your tastes and your cat’s, such as eating or lying on the sofa. In addition to this, you’ve probably also noticed that there are other things your cat can’t stand. Do you want to know what your cat hates?

What your cat hates

In a previous article, we told you the foods and smells that cats can’t stand. But this time, we’re going to focus on other issues, such as the following:

A dirty litter box

Everyone knows that cats are crazy about hygiene. In fact, this is why they groom themselves. Just as cats love to be clean, they demand their belongings to be clean as well, and this includes their litter box.

In fact, if your cat notices that its litter box is dirty, it could even start to relieve itself outside of it. Likewise, your cat may “tell you” to clean its litter box. For example, it may approach you first, then go to its litter box, and then go back to you.

Being ignored

Talk about ironic! Cats are very independent animals. In fact, no matter how many times you call your cat, it won’t come to you if it doesn’t want its belly scratched or needs something from you. However, think twice about ignoring your cat when it approaches you.

Cats can “bear a grudge”! Thus, when your cat feels ignored, it can go days without listening to you. In fact, it can even stop eating if necessary. Sometimes, the tougher cats seem, the more loving they are. But cats are loving only when they feel like it.

An angry cat.

Bad memories

Feline memory seems to be far from selective. In fact, cats are very good at remembering unpleasant memories. Bad experiences remain engraved in their minds and they’re unable to forget them. Difficult situations, like the death of another pet or a family member, can scar them forever.

Cats can also require affection in less serious situations, like a visit to the vet or a move. In such situations, it’s very important for you to hug, comfort, and pamper your cat.

Medicines, one of the things your cat hates the most

This is an obvious point. Who in their right mind likes medicine? Well, they’re even more unpleasant for your cat, especially pills. Some cats are even skilled enough to detect the pills that owners mix in with cat food.

Studies have proven that cats can hold pills in their esophagus in order to avoid swallowing them. In fact, most of the cases of esophagitis in cats are caused by this reason.

Rough caresses

Sudden caresses aren’t well accepted by many animals. This is another of the things your cat hates. You already know how independent cats are; they live in their own world, at peace and relaxed. Because of this, most don’t like feeling a sudden hand on their body.

If you want to pet your cat, always gently and without catching it off guard.

Other cats

Although they aren’t as territorial as dogs, cats are also territorial animals. That’s why it’ll be difficult for them to accept the arrival of a new cat at home.

Two cats together.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s very likely. If you have a cat and you want to get another, make sure you follow the necessary steps so that they don’t fight when they meet.


We couldn’t finish this article without talking about the thing your cat hates the most: water. For years, this liquid has been used to separate two cats that are fighting or to calm angry ones. It’s an effective solution because it’s one of the things cats hate the most.

Maybe that’s why they groom themselves, as it’s the perfect way to avoid baths. Never use water to scare your cat. Remember that cats are vindictive and have a great memory!

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