Big Dog or Small Dog: A Kid's Best Friend

Dogs can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and cooperation.
Big Dog or Small Dog: A Kid's Best Friend
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

Animals and children are usually compatible. Most of our little ones love dogs. In addition, the same goes for some animals. However, there are breeds that are better suited to living with kids due to certain aspects they have in common. What are the factors that should determine which dog can be your kid’s best friend?

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What dog is a kid’s best friend?

Some kids are more active than others and require more attention and care. These are children who need to have at their side a dog who can act as a guardian. On the other hand, there are also some kids that are bigger or smaller than others of the same age. For all of them, certain dog breeds are recommended.

The best dog breeds for super active children

Hyperactive children need a pet with the same characteristics by their side. There are two dog breeds that experts very highly recommend for little ones like them. These breeds are Labradors and Beagles. Both of them are dogs known for their friendly, hyperactive, and playful nature.

A playful labrador is a kid's best friend.


This is one of the most energetic and hyperactive dog breeds. It relates very well to children and other animals. In addition, it’s not aggressive, but very gentle instead. Labradors are noble, affectionate, kind, and protective dogs. There’s no doubt they can be the best dog for your children to help you all live together as a family.


Beagles are almost the same as the Labradors in terms of their traits. However, this is a smaller breed, and also perfect for family living. In addition, Beagles get along brilliantly with children. This is, among other things, because of their social nature.

The best guardian dog breeds for children

Many parents are interested in looking for dogs who can be protectors or guardians for their children. In this case, we don’t recommend very active dogs. There are certain dog breeds that perform the role of a nanny very well. Boxers and Collies are particular favorites here.


This is a breed with a playful and fun nature. However, the Boxer’s natural instinct will always be to protect their pack. These dogs act as wonderful guardians. A Boxer dog will always be very watchful to what happens to the child. They’ll never let anything or anyone near them.


This is a rather large dog breed, and one that loves living together with a family. In addition, they’re very good guardians. These animals are very serious about protecting their homes and their loved ones. In fact, some experts don’t recommend letting a Collie dog get too close to someone you don’t know or to strangers. They are, along with Boxers, another perfect guardian dog breed for your children.

The best dog breeds for small children

When it’s about small children, we need to be very cautious. Young children are fragile, vulnerable, and very playful. They definitely need to be accompanied by dog breeds that are of a more patient, calm, and gentle character. The irony in this matter is that this type of nature is typically found in the larger dog breeds.

Saint Bernard

The St. Bernard one of the largest dog breeds. They may look like a clumsy animal and a bit of a brute, but, without a doubt, their character is unique. The St. Bernard is an extremely docile dog, a great guardian, and a friendly pet. These dogs perfectly fulfill the role of nannies for children. Every day more and more families acquire this type of dog because of the good care they provide to their youngest children.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an extremely versatile dog. They’re excellent guard dogs, easy to train, obedient, and have a good character. They’re also known for their good relationship with children. This breed takes its role as a watchdog very seriously.

A kid’s best friend

When choosing the best pet for your children, it’s necessary to take the little one’s character and personality into account. There are many different kinds of dog breeds out there, and you’ll always be able to find the right fit for your child.

It’s good to bear in mind that small dogs tend to be more childish and immature. On the other hand, large dogs are characterized by being more serious, peaceful and quiet. We hope this article will help you find your kid’s best friend!

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