Fun Activities for the Family and the Dog

Beyond walking or playing ball, there are a number of things that you can do accompanied by your dog. Some are the most varied and eccentric things you can imagine! However, there is one that is inescapable: don't 'abandon' your best friend on vacation.
Fun Activities for the Family and the Dog

Last update: 07 June, 2020

Having a dog at home is something the whole family loves. The problem is that they can’t accompany us to many places. Seeing how sad the children get when we leave the pet at home can certainly break our hearts. That’s why activities for the family and the dog are important.

Hyperactive behavior, garbage can raids, excessive barking, or destructive behavior can all be signs that your dog can benefit from more creative stimulation.

Varying the activity helps keep pets mentally and physically satiated and easier to settle at home. Would you like to learn some fun games for the family and the dog? Read on!

Activities for the family and the dog


Yes, we’re serious! What better way to start a new family than to take the dog to the wedding? Maybe it’s a second wedding. We’re sure the kids will love having them around on such an important event!

This is a trend that’s on the increase, as there are even people who have specialized in being ‘pet nannies’ for the dog on such memorable days.

A photo of a dog and the newlyweds.

In addition, if the dog has been trained, it could very well take part in different ways on the big day. For example, the dog could carry the wedding tokens, be in the photos, or even take the bride to the altar!

Eating out

This is one of the most common situations where we usually decide to leave the dog at home. However, there are more and more eating places and establishments that allow dogs to enter. In fact, some have even drawn up a special “menu” for them.

We’ve talked about some dog-friendly establishments in the past. There are several apps and internet sites that give you a very detailed list depending on where you live. We’re sure the kids would love to share a table with their best friend!

Let’s do doga!

Do you know what doga is? It’s a mixture of the words “yoga” and “dog”. Yes, dogs can learn to do doga and imitate its movements. This idea originated when a yoga teacher watched her pet ‘copy’ her movements.

A small dog stretching.

Can you imagine the children’s laughter when they see the dog mimicking these moves? They’ll most probably try to get their pet to imitate them too and you’ll be able to have a really fun afternoon!

Let’s run!

There are contests and races where you sign up with your dog. The rest of the family can watch and encourage you both, maybe supplying you with water or whatever you need.

Something simpler is also just as good: a family race at the park. You can have a race against each other, although we’ll warn you beforehand: your dog will always win!


Why not? You can go to the shopping mall, where dogs are often already allowed both in the common areas and inside the shops. Something you can propose to your kids is that you spend a certain amount of money – the smaller, the better – on getting something for every family member, including the dog.

A picture of a dog and its owner.

You can spend the afternoon looking for a gift for each other that doesn’t exceed that small amount. It can become quite a challenge! After this, you’ll need a pit stop for a drink and snack!

To the subway!

There’s nothing a child likes more than getting on public transport. Even if you’re used to driving, plan an afternoon somewhere where you’ll need to go by metro or bus. With your dog, obviously! Kids will love being possibly the only ones who’ll be traveling that day with their dog.

Don’t leave your dog on vacation

One of the biggest concerns of children and adults alike when going on vacation is whether their dog will be OK at home or at the kennels. We know the kids will ask you a thousand times about their pets during the holiday. So, why don’t you take them with you?

There are already many hotels, campsites, apartments, and other pet-friendly accommodations available. In addition, there are apps where they match your pet with other pets so that your dog also has fun on their vacation.

How did you like these activities for the family and the dog? We hope you’ll enjoy them. Until next time!

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