Mascotea App, a Social Network for Pets and Humans

As per their website: "Mascotea app is much more than a social network for pets. It's a whole universe around the world of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc. They come first!"
Mascotea App, a Social Network for Pets and Humans

Last update: 07 August, 2019

Mobile apps are very popular these days and some of the most sought after are the ones dedicated to animals. Anything that makes our lives easier is welcome, especially when it comes to spending time with our pets. Today, we’ll tell you about the Mascotea app, a sort of a social network for pets.

The idea for the ​​Mascotea app

The creators of this special app describe themselves as animal lovers who spend every day with them. They enjoy taking care of their animals and pampering them, as well as teaching others and getting to know them.

In order to lead this kind of lifestyle, they made the decision to partner with several non-profit entities. In this way, they can work together to protect these animals.

The team is composed of young people who have a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to change the world. Well, at least the small part that has to do with animals.

This is how they define themselves on their web page:

“We are, above all, a group of pet lovers who live with pets, laugh with pets, play with pets, travel with pets and do anything we can do with them. We just love them!”

In addition to all this, all the members of the team are professionals in animal-related subjects.

What’s the Mascotea app for?

A person looking at their phone as their dog sits there.

As we mentioned before, Mascotea is much more than an app or a social network. This is why you can do much more with it than with other well-known social networks. Here’s what you can do:

Register your pet at the Mascotea app network

It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. It could be a snake, a ferret, a hamster, a dog, or even an iguana. You can register just about any animal in this app because all animals are welcome on Mascotea.

Meet people and socialize your pet

There are many groups associated with this app so you can participate in those you’re most interested in. There are many people who like the same kind of animals and they even organize meetings and events. However, if you’re not into these sorts of groups then you can simply set up a play-date with any of the app members near you.

Socialization is a fundamental part of most pet’s development. Even turtles, tarantulas, and iguanas are social animals. Obviously, it’s easier to go out and find other dogs or cats than a snake or an iguana! But this is why the groups section of the app is great, and you can find meet people with similar pets there.

You can use the Mascotea app to buy and sell

In addition, this app is also partnered with the official suppliers of many of the top brands of pet food and accessories. So, you can buy anything you need for your pet from the comfort of your home.

You can also sell products for animals, even used items. At the same time, you can also find things that other pets no longer use.

This social network also has a location service that helps you find all kinds of services you may need for your pet. For example, veterinarians, pet supply stores, pet-friendly hangouts, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Travel with your pet

A person taking a picture of a dog.

The app also has a section called “Mascotour.” It’s a sort of travel agency that helps you find the best vacations for you and your pet. It gives you many options for pet-friendly hotels and also ideas for things you can do with them in different parts of the world.

Take a step and help others

Is there anything you’d like to ask? Their Q and A section will help you find answers to many of the questions you may have about pets.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, through the Mascotea app you can find shelters and other adoption centers that may need help. For example, you could adopt an animal and even offer your services as a volunteer in any of those entities.

As you can see, the Mascotea app is more than a social network. It’s very useful for anyone who loves animals. Without a doubt, it’s worth having a look at.

The Mascotea app is still a work in progress but it’s already bringing together thousands of pet lovers and pet professionals as well as pet supply companies and services. That’s why they also offer you the possibility to advertise on their main website.

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