The 9 Best Pet-Friendly Destinations

It's becoming more and more common to travel with your pet. Today, we'll tell you the 9 best destinations to travel to with your pet. 
The 9 Best Pet-Friendly Destinations

Last update: 07 March, 2019

Traveling around the world with your dog is no longer such a far-fetched idea. More and more pet-friendly destinations are popping up, allowing pet owners and their dogs to have a relaxing and/or adventurous vacation. In today’s article, we’ll tell you some of the best pet-friendly destinations around the world.

Traveling around the world with your pet

Several cities in Europe and in the United States are among the places where you can go on holiday with your pet, or even several pets.

More and more places are allowing pets, and even have designated areas for them. These include public places, transportation, many hotels, and even restaurants.

So, if you want to take your pet on vacation with you, and you have the means to do so, keep these destinations in mind.

If you like to travel, and you want to share the experience with your dog, the good news is there are many pet-friendly destinations. 

The best pet-friendly destinations

Here’s a list of the best pet-friendly destinations on both sides of the Atlantic where you’ll easily be able to find places to stay and enjoy with your pet.

1. Germany

The Germans seem to have done the most when it comes to making things easier for people who have pets, whether they’re locals or visitors. But there are three cities in particular that take the cake: Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg.

2. Switzerland

This country is also among the most pet-friendly destinations, since they’re welcome in most places. In the city of Geneva, for example, you can take your pet for a walk through the old town or through one of their many parks.

3. Paris

The French capital has so many options for hotels and gastronomy. And, not only are pets allowed in many of these establishments, but they actually offer special services for them.

4. Amsterdam

In this city in the Netherlands, our furry friends can ride on public transport as passengers. Additionally, they’re allowed to enter some museums and cultural centers. 

5. London

The capital city of the United Kingdom has a significant number of hotels and restaurants that allow dogs. Also, there are a large number of parks to keep your four-legged friend happy.

6. Brussels

Pets are allowed in many stores and restaurants in the Belgian capital. And, if you want to have a night out with your dog, they’re even allowed in some pubs. 

7. Maccarese

This small town is located north of Rome and boasts the privilege of having the only beach exclusively for dogs in Italy.

8. Portland

Crossing the Atlantic, this city in Maine (USA) is in all the best guides for traveling with dogs. That’s because it has a lot of exclusive services for pets, as well as 33 dog parks.

9. San Francisco

This city is found on the west coast of the United States and has 5 beaches that allow dogs. It also has a lot of green spaces that your dog will love.

Check each place’s requirements and regulations before you travel

Have you already decided which destination you want to travel to with your dog? Great! But, before you start your journey, whether you’re staying in the country or going abroad, make sure to check all the details and requirements of each place.

You should be sure to check out the different means of transport and their rules. That way, you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises when traveling with your pet.


  • Have up-to-date documentation about your dog’s health (microchip, vaccines, etc)
  • Comply with all of the different rules when traveling with your pet by car, train, bus, plane, or boat
  • Know the different accommodation options where pets are welcome

If you have everything in order, then there’s nothing left but to enjoy a trip with your pet to one of the best pet-friendly destinations in the world. Get ready to travel with your dog all over the planet!

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