Why Do Cats Love Joining Us to the Bathroom?

Why Do Cats Love Joining Us to the Bathroom?

Last update: 21 April, 2018

Right after work you come home, you usually take advantage of moment and  go to the bathroom. Right? Although it’s baffling to you to understand why the cat is waiting at the door just before closing it. What’s so great about joining you to the bathroom? This article will explain why this takes place!

Cats and their attachment to the bathroom

Have you ever thought why cats are “magnetically” attracted to the bathroom?  It is more than a fascinating, it’s baffling and certainly changes your routine. Will a cat be a problem if you are one of those people who need alone time in the bathroom to do your business or take a bath?

Bathrooms have certain characteristics that catch a cat’s attention. It doesn’t matter whether if nobody is home or if you’re using it. For example, cats like the cold tiles during the summer and having cold water near by.

When it comes to “fun”, the bathroom is a special place for cats. Towels are ideal for scratching, knocking down and then being used as a bed. The toilet paper becomes a very entertaining on-going game until the roll runs out (by then all the paper is scattered all over the floor).

The toilet, bidet and sink are like jungle gyms. Cats love testing their acrobatic abilities by jumping between them. Last but not least, other than having opened or closed windows around, cats love spending alone time with their owners.

But wait, there’s more — a bathroom is like a great amusement park for cats. They can play with the hangers, soap, and sponges.  Likewise cats can get inside the drawers left opened, snoop around shelves or any nook and cranny they find.

Your cat may lick the toothbrush, and drink toilet or bathtub water. He may also knock things down or even do his business. Whatever it is, he has marvelous time.  All of this (partially) explains why your cat likes joining you to the bathroom.

Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?

Perhaps he is a very “neat” pet and left no traces behind the last time in the bathroom. Maybe he’s tempted to go in due to you not being around and for closing the door on him. Or maybe he thinks you are going to funnest place in house…. He is allowed to go too!

The cat will think either you’re inviting him to play there, or that you’ll enjoy the facilities the same way he does. Or even show you how to spend an afternoon of fun in the bathroom. Of course, none of this makes sense to the human mind.

A cat or dog may follow us around the house for many reasons.  It may be hungry, want to play, be with you because he loves you, may want to do his business, may be missing you or just be bored. In regards to the bathroom, perhaps he may want to escape from the heat or he may be thirsty. 

Analyzing animal behavior is must in order to understand why our cats go to the bathroom with us . Ask yourself: What has he been doing since he showed up at the door? What place is he headed off to? Is he calm or pacing around? Is he sitting on my lap or on a rug nearby?

As its owner, you know how to interpret the signals coming from your pet.  Pay attention to his habits in order to find out why your pet does this strange behavior of joining you to the bathroom.

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