Why does your cat likes to sleep on top of you?

Why does your cat likes to sleep on top of you?

Last update: 08 May, 2018

When winter is about to begin, there will be no problem getting a little extra heat at night, but it’s annoying during the summer. Does it bother you when your cat sleeps on top of you regardless the time of the year it is? Well, this article will give some insight on the topic.

Sleeping on top of you: Your cat’s favorite activity

It’s bed time, and the cat is back at it again: when you are just about to lie down, then suddenly your cat is about to take advantage of the situation to get close to you…. so close that he even lies down and naps on top of you. You can stand it for a while, but there comes a time when you would like get him off or go to bed. Why does he act that way?

1. Because he feels safe

Happy cat

When they are kittens, cats sleep very close to their mother. As a matter of instinct, now the mother is you. Thus, he will repeat these habits during the first months of his life. If your pet wants to sleep on top of you, it is because he wants to feel safe just in case any threat appears. By being in contact with you, he knows that nothing bad will happen.

2. To be comfortable

It does not matter if you have bought him the most expensive and highest bed out there … there is nothing that provides more comfort than his owner’s body. He will putting his paws, tummy and head on the entire surface and stay there for a long time.

3. For the warmth

Animals usually take naps in the sun to receive heat naturally. At night, since the sun isn’t out, the heat must be provided by some other source. Thus, you are perfect for the job! Although it is summer, cats need that warmth to sleep. That is why in winter, they want to sleep between you and the blankets.

4. To protect our soul

Not everything in a cat’s life revolves around his needs or desires. He is also stays alert to protect his owner from anything that might happen. Felines connect to people in an extremely special way, through their energy. They can see our auras and detect bad or negative energies that want to take control of us. Therefore, they “attack” them with their good vibes … and we sleep peacefully.

5. To show love

Who ever said cats are unfriendly and do not love us? If your cat sleeps on top of you, it is because he loves you like a lot. This is one way he expresses what he feels, without words or any over-exaggerated feelings (like when a dog wags its tail upon arriving home).

6.To calm down

cat sitting on owner's lap

Upon arriving home, one of the first things you do is lie on the sofa, and then the cat lies on top of you. This takes place because the cat noticed the time you being away from home made you stressed out. Surely, you will hear or feel his lovely purr … that sound is meant to reassure you and relax you a little. It is more effective than an immersion bath!

7. Because he remembers his past

Cats are always remembering the times when they were newborns and their mother took care of them. That’s why in addition to lying on top of you, he may “give you loving” with his front legs. Do you know what this is? An instinctive reflex from the time he was fed by his mother’s milk. This is undoubtedly another demonstration of affection on his part and that you are the most important thing to him.

8.To warn you of diseases

As we have already told you, cats can “sniff” the energies that surround us. If your feline insists on always lying in one place on your body, pay attention to this sign. Maybe it is because you have a disease. Do not be scared; maybe it is not nothing serious. But it is worth getting checked by a doctor.


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