Your Dog Knows You Better than Anyone Else

09 May, 2019
The main explanation for why your dog knows you better than anyone else is due to the amount of time these animals spend with humans.

The main explanation for why your dog knows you better than anyone else is due to the amount of time these animals spend with humans. Throughout the common history that dogs and people share, they first had to adapt, both physically and emotionally, to achieve the unique mutual connection that we have now.

Your dog only has eyes for you and all the time in the world to watch you and to get to know your routines. Also, dogs have very powerful tools, such as their sense of smell, with which they can detect any changes in your body and your mood.

Dogs have been living with humans for centuries. So, several years of adaptation and observation added to their sensitive noses are all pretty good reasons as to why your dog knows you better than anyone else.

Why your dog knows you better than anyone else

A person petting a dog.

Among the things that lead us to claim that your dog knows you better than anyone, we can highlight the following:

  • They can tell when you’re sad or depressed even if your face says otherwise and you’re able to fool others. Scents don’t lie and dogs are masters of olfactory perception.
  • These animals know how others perceive you. If someone dislikes you, the first one to know it will be your dog. So, if he continues to bark at that charming, wonderful person you’ve had a few dates with, and doesn’t really warm to him or her, then listen to your dog as he knows you’re being deceived.
  • On that note, they also know when you like someone. And no, you can’t hide the fact that that a certain person you just met is particularly attractive to you. Your bubbling hormones give you away.

Dogs know when women are pregnant before they do

Another thing that dogs can detect before anyone else is pregnancy. So, you may need to do a pregnancy test if you notice that your dog:

  • Suddenly starts to spend more time with the woman of the home.
  • Becomes more protective and won’t leave your side rain or shine. For example, the dog may wait for you outside the bathroom door, sleep on your side of the bed, or forewarn anyone who approaches you by barking at them.
  • On the other hand, they may also become distant with you.
  • Also, pay attention if they’re anxious and act strangely (pacing around, hiding, licking compulsively, etc).

Dogs can smell sickness in their humans

Your dog can also give you the most astute and efficient diagnosis due to its wonderfully acute sense of smell. It allows them to discover diseases, quite simply because your smell changes when you’re sick.

And while there are trained animals who can detect certain types of ailments in people, yours doesn’t need special training to know that something is wrong with you.

Your dog knows your personal scent by heart. And any changes in it will get their attention. There are stories about people who sought a professional consultation after their dogs started sniffing certain parts of their body obsessively. They found out that they had a tumor or some other condition.


More reasons to affirm that your dog knows you better than anyone else

A woman with a puppy.

So, between a dog’s nose and their keen power of observation, we can say that little is lost to them when it comes to the people they love. Other things they know:

  • If you were with other dogs
  • Their gender and what they were like
  • What those dogs had for breakfast
  • When’s the best time to beg for something they want from you
  • That it’s better not to go near you if you’re angry.

And, of course, they also know when they should offer comfort to you when you’re going through hard times. There’s a good reason why dogs have been considered man’s (and woman’s) best friends!