The Thoroughbred Horse - Bred for Racing

The thoroughbred horse is a multi-purpose horse and many who no longer race are great for riding or driving horses.
The Thoroughbred Horse - Bred for Racing

Last update: 17 December, 2019

Today we’d like to tell you about a lovely breed: the thoroughbred horse. You may have seen a photo of a muscular, elegant, black horse running through a green meadow online. People often select it as their computer wallpaper. Well, if you have, then you already have an idea of ​​what the English thoroughbred horse is like. Now, let’s learn more about it.

About the thoroughbred horse


This horse is one of the best known and, also, one of the most popular around the world due to its speed. They’re common participants in the most well-known horse races.

A horse tied to a post.
This species arose from various crosses with horses from all over the world and from all breeds. Also, they share a common characteristic: they’re fast. In fact, racing was the main purpose of perpetuating this breed.
These horses date back to the 10th century. Around the time when the Normans, who were on the side of William I, brought their Andalusian horses along. But, later, in the twelfth century, the English also arrived with their Arabian horses. So, by the 16th century, these horses had English, Arabic, and Barb blood. The three stallions from which all English thoroughbred descend are:
  • Byerley Turk (1680)
  • Darley Arabian (1704)
  • Godolphin Arabian (1729)

Characteristics of this breed

One of the most striking features of the English thoroughbred horse is its size. This is because they’re large and measure 5 1/5 to 5 2/3 feet at the chest. Despite their size, the thoroughbred horse is light and agile. This is very important when it comes to racing.

As you can imagine, a thoroughbred horse born from two thoroughbreds is already a pure breed. Their elegance is characteristic and their movements majestic. People also use them in equestrian shows.
Their snout is muscular and their eyes almond-shaped. And, the latter has a tendency to extend towards their skull. Also, their neck is bright and hairy.
The tail of this kind of horse is long and has a majestic touch. Also, the excessive hair on the lower part of its legs seldom goes unnoticed.

The thoroughbred horse – personality

The thoroughbred is among the horses known as “warm-blooded.” As we said before, people choose them for their agility, speed, and stamina.
This kind of horse is bold and intelligent, although somewhat sensitive. It’s not a horse suitable for novice riders. So, only an expert can help them channel their impulses and strong personality.
All the above indicates that this isn’t an easy horse to tame, although not impossible. This is because it has a dominant and very difficult personality. So, it thrives in the company of a strong, experienced person.
Something to keep in mind is that this kind of horse is a bit weak and gets hurt quite a lot.
A white horse in a stable.

Facts about the thoroughbred horse

Generally, all specimens of this breed are large but there was one that stood out. We’re talking about Tritonis, a thoroughbred horse born in Canada who’s 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs 2095 pounds.
This breed ages prematurely so they only live to be 20-25 years old. Only one specimen called Tango Duke lived up to 42 years.
So, what do you think about this wonderful species? We love them and hope you do too. Is there any space in your home for a thoroughbred horse?
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