How To Calm Your Dog's Cough

How To Calm Your Dog's Cough

Last update: 05 May, 2018

A cough is caused by a respiratory tract infection that can produce great discomfort in your furry companion. Although it is true we need to take our pets to the veterinarian in order to discover the reason behind their cough. Generally speaking, it is not dangerous. Likewise, there are things you can do to calm your dog’s cough.

Please find below a number of homemade remedies that can help treat your dog’s cough.

Remedies for a dog’s cough

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These are the steps to follow to calm your dog’s cough:

  • Identify the cause. Nothing can be treated without knowing its cause. The information will allow you to provide a proper treatment for you pet.  Of course, always based on the opinion and supervision of a veterinarian. Also, this will help determine if your friend has a severe illness. Usually, cough like symptoms can simply be an indication of heart problems or complications in the respiratory system.
  • Limit physical activity. It doesn’t matter if your dog is big or needs a lot of exercises. If the cough does not stop, it can lead to respiratory problems. Likewise, whether your dog is big or small, you should not suspend all exercise, because dogs need it. Just reduce the time and pace so the overexertion does make the cough become worse.
  • Medlar juice. It may sound strange, but this is one of the best homemade remedies to calm your dog’s cough. It is even recommended by veterinarians. Medlar has a high content of vitamin A that strengthens the immune system. Apparently, it works directly on mucus membranes which are damaged by the coughing. It is possible that your pet will not like the taste and you may have to administer this remedy with a syringe.
  • Vitamin C. If vitamin A helps, most likely vitamin C will also strengthen the immune system. You can get these vitamin supplements, but be sure to give your dog the correct dosage because an excessive amount may cause diarrhea. Green leafy vegetables can also provide this compound. Most importantly, remember to give your special canine food supplements, since you cannot give them human supplements.

More ideas to calm your dog’s cough

calm your dog's cough
  • Vapors. This will greatly relieve your dog, by softening and bringing fresh air down to his/her throat. There are different medicinal plants you can use like eucalyptus and echinacea.  It is as easy as putting some water into boil and adding a few leaves of whatever plant you want. Then, while your dog is sleeping, put the mixture near and cover his head with it. Remember that not all plants are safe for dogs.
  • Coconut oil. This oil is in style and they say it works for everything. Well, it is also useful to calm your dog’s cough. It strengthens the immune system and fosters energy and vitality. Something necessary for your pet when he is weak due to an infection or a disease. All you have to do is add a little oil to your dog’s water.
  • Cinnamon. This is another spice that will be your sidekick in order to calm your dog’s cough due to its multiple properties. Likewise, your dog will surely love its smell and taste.

Above all, before you follow these steps, remember to take your pet to the veterinarian in order to find out the main cause of the cough and to get rid or any more severe problems.

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