How to Draw Your Pet

In order to draw your pet, all you need is a bit of technique as well as some cheap, easy-to-find materials. 
How to Draw Your Pet

Last update: 18 February, 2019

Have you ever thought about drawing your pet? It’s not as difficult as you might think; it only requires a few materials and you can do it just about anywhere. Do you want to learn how to draw your pet?

Two techniques to easily draw your pet

There isn’t one single technique or correct method for drawing your pet. It’s an activity that allows us to exercise our creativity, take advantage of the tools we already have, and we can adapt it to our personal tastes. Now we’ll show you two very easy ways to draw your pet.

Technique 1: Make a caricature of your dog from the front

This is probably the simplest way to draw your pet. The picture will show your dog from the front, it will have simple lines and use basic geometric shapes, like circles.

A caricature of your pet.

Here are the step by step directions:

Step by step how to draw your pet from the front

  1. Firstly, draw a large circle on the paper. Then, make two small circles superimposed on the lower part of the large circle.
  2. Next, draw two lightly curved lines, one on each side, starting from the lower part of the paper, until they reach the base of one of the smaller circles.
  3. Then, trace a straight horizontal line on the bottom of the paper. 
  4. Using that as a base, make two semicircles in between the two curved lines, and two more semicircles on the outside.
  5. After that, make another semicircle on top of each of the semicircles we drew on the outside of the curved lines. Choose whichever side you want, and add a tail to one of the semicircles.
  6. Now we’ll use those three circles from step 1 to make the dog’s face. Also, add two small circles for his eyes, a small oval shape for his snout and his ears.
  7. To make his legs, draw two small parallel lines inside the inner semicircles. Then, make two more parallel lines above those semicircles, following the same path.
  8. After that, make two parallel lines in the outer semicircles at the bottom of the paper; these will be the hind legs.
  9. To finish the drawing, you can draw a collar around the dog’s neck.
  10. Lastly, erase any unnecessary lines and color it in if you want. 

Technique 2: Drawing your pet from the side

This second technique is a bit more complex than the first because it poses the challenge of designing a caricature of a dog on his side. You’ll need all the same materials that you used for technique 1, but you’ll need more patience and concentration. 

A drawing of a dog from the side.

See the step by step instructions below:

Step by step: how to make a cartoon of your pet on his side

  1. Firstly, draw a circle at the top of the paper, slightly off to one side (not in the center).
  2. Next, add two slightly curved lines that will form a pointed angle; these will be the dog’s cheekbones. Then, draw a curved line that extends along the cheekbones on the right side of the circle.
  3. After that, draw a slightly oval shape for the animal’s neck. Right below it, add another long shape that will later be the dog’s body. 
  4. Now for the front leg that’s visible in the picture. Make a completely straight line and another that starts with a pointed angle. The other leg will be ‘hidden’ and can be drawn with two simple straight lines.
  5. The hind legs won’t be straight, since the animal is laying on his side. To make them, draw curved lines that will imitate the dog’s sitting pose. 
  6. Next, draw the front and back legs. Then, add small, slightly curved lines to draw his toes.
  7. Now, add the tail by drawing a curved, thin shape that faces slightly upwards. 
  8. To make the dog’s face, draw a circle for his head and then add the initial lines. After that, add the eyes, mouth, snout, and eyebrows, as well as his collar.
  9. Lastly, erase any unnecessary lines and color the drawing if you want to add color to the drawing.


As you can see, drawing your pet is easier than you thought. Go ahead and show off your creative skills and pay homage to your pet with a personalized drawing!

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